April 14, 2014


This is your one-stop shop for everything SMROOKIES!  As I pick up new information on SM's pre-debut group, I'll update the page.

Check out their Facebook page and Official Website!

SMROOKIES is a part of SM's new "Co-Creation" system.  Fans will be able to participate in preliminary events and showcases before their official debut.  The rookies will have the freedom to form different groups with each other, and show their day-to-day lives and practices to their fans.  These rookies will also participate in concert and variety shows to win the hearts of fans.  We can also expect covers of songs by their company's seniors and their own originally composed songs in open performances to showcase their talents. (Soompi)

One by one the Rookies were released through Facebook.  A few music clips, dance clips, and casual clips were also released on SM's YouTube Channel.  After the opening of their official website, the avenue to introduce new Rookies was switched over.  They plan to release webisodes and pictures as the Rookies strive to show the public their talents.

Consisting of three SMROOKIE Girls - Irene, Seulgi, and Wendy - and a fourth, previously unknown, member Joy, SM is debuting a new girl group, RED VELVET (레드벨벳).  As long as SM updates their ROOKIE profiles with Red Velvet material (their teaser is also posted under "SHOWCASE"), I will treat them as 'ROOKIES' and continue to update here.

I will try and sub the first webisode, but as you know, listening and then understanding is my weakest skill when it comes to Korean.  ㅠㅠ  At the very least I can sub the graphics on the video...

Video Credit:  SMTOWN YouTube


슬기 [Seulgi]



동혁 [Donghyuck]

All Photo Credit:  SMROOKIES Facebook, SMROOKIES.com, redvelvet.smtown.com

지수 [Jeesu]

Credit:  fanpop.com

용주 [Yongju]
Credit:  fanpop.com

Appeared at SMTOWN Week.

태일 [Taeil]

Credit:  fanpop.com

Appeared at SMTOWN Week.

Girl in SMTOWN Week video
Credit:  SM ROOKIES International

Girls in ABC Boot Camp video & SMTOWN WEEK video.
[Yoo Seungyeon, Seulgi and Unknown]
Collage made on Fotor by me; pictures from SM ROOKIES International & images.google.com
Credit:  fanpop.com

Note:  Some people seem to think that the girl to the right is either Wendy or Irene.  However, she is definitely the girl in the SMTOWN WEEK video.  She can't be Irene because her nose is too short and her eyes aren't wide enough.  She also can't be Wendy because her cheekbones aren't right and her face is too round.

승연 [Seungyeon]
Full Name:  유승연 [Yoo Seungyeon]
Birthday:  February 21, 1994
Age:  20
Other Information [1]:
Appeared in many CFs.
Appeared in Sunny Hill's "Do It."
Has a brother.
Appeared in ABC News' "K-Pop Boot Camp"
NOTE:  As of mid-April 2014, I believe Seungyeon is no longer a trainee at SM.


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