September 7, 2013

Let's Learn Together: 차 마실래? // 헬로비너스

Let's Learn Together:  차 마실래? // 헬로비너스

Song:  차 마실래?
Artist:  헬로비너스 (HELLOVENUS)
Album:  차 마실래요?
Company:  Pledis Entertainment

English:  10 / 10
Translation Difficulty:  5 / 10

Please credit "" or "angelsfallfast" when using the English translation.
[Edit:  3/23/14]

Just a Few Words:
This is one of the songs that highlighted my 2013 trip to Korea.  I also have a cool connection to the music video:  my Korean mom gave me a head band that is identical to the one Yoonjo wears at the end of the music video during my trip.  She, of course, had no clue!  I still think it's cool, but since none of Korean friends knew who Hello Venus were (they said they aren't very popular), I couldn't share it. XD

Also, it may just be me and my dirty mind, but some of the language seems to imply...other activities in a vague, innocent way.

English:  10 / 10

Translation Difficulty:  5 / 10

10 Words:
  1. 벌써 (adverb):  already
    1. *Has a sense of "so soon" rather than "previously"
  2. 서로 (pronoun):  "each other" or "one another"
  3. 지다 (verb):  "set" or "sink" or "go down"
  4. 기다리다 (verb):  "wait" or "hold on" or "expect" or "await" or "look forward to"
  5. 부탁 (verb):  "request"
  6. 부끄럽다 (adjective):  "ashamed, shameful, embarrassed."  Also, "shy, bashful"
  7. 길다 (adjective):  "long, lengthy"
  8. 용기 (noun):  "courage, nerve" or "guts" or "spunk" or "bravery"
  9. 자존심 (noun):  "one's pride, self-respect, self-esteem"
  10. 우리 (noun):  "us, we, ours, ourself"
    1. * In this case it is used as a polite way to say "my"
Politeness Level:
The singer(s) are removed from the audience.  They either respect the listener, are unfamiliar with the listener, or the listener is of a higher status than the listener.  The listener may be an in-law, parent, boss, teacher, 선배, etc.

September 6, 2013

Let's Learn Together: 으르렁 // EXO

Let's Learn Together:  으르렁 // EXO

Song:  으르렁
Artist:  EXO
Album:  으르렁 [XOXO Re-packaged Album] [Kiss Version]
Company:  SM Entertainment

English:  10 / 10
Translation Difficulty:  6 / 10

Please credit "" or "angelsfallfast."
[Edit: 3/28/14]

Just a Few Words:
As weird as "Growl" is in the song, it actually makes sense.  He's growling at the competition and telling them to back off.
EXO is taking Korea by storm with this song!  It's definitely a song that makes you want to get up and dance!!

English:  10 / 10
There are only two ad-libs on English, "I'm so serious" and "so dangerous" and they are pronounced just fine (from what I can tell under the audio distortion).

Translation Difficulty:  6 / 10
This was a bit hard.  I had to have help from by 언니들 for some of the grammar!  I guess ㄹ세라 is pretty obscure and rarely used! ^^

10 Words:
  1. 자극 (noun):  "stimulation, stimulus (stimuli), spur" or "excitement, thrills" or "stimulate, spur, excite, arouse" or "titillate" or "provoke, irritate"
  2. 멎다 (verb):  "to stop"
  3. 캄캄하다 (adjective):  "gloomy" or "hopeless" or "dark" or "dismal" or "bleak"
  4. 감추다 (verb):  "hide" or "conceal" or "keep sth secret [back]"
  5. 노리다 (verb):  "have an eye on" or "be out for" or "be after" or "aim for" or "seek" or "aim (at/for)"
  6. 시선 (noun):  "one's eyes."
  7. 거세다 (adjective):  "strong" or "wild" or "violent" or "fierce"
  8. 소용돌이 (noun):  "maelstrom" or "eddy" or "whirlpool"
  9. 물러나다 (verb):  "step [stand] back, go [move] back(ward), back off," or "draw back"
  10. 사납다 (adjective):  "wild, violent, fierce, ferocious."  Also, "stormy"
  11. *으르렁 (onomatopoeia):  "with a snarl [roar, growl]"

Politeness Level:
Low Casual
The singer is extremely confidant with the listener.  The speaker either thinks of the listener as someone far beneath their status or the listener is a child.
-->  In this case, the listener is the singer's romantic rival and he is talking down to the listener.

September 4, 2013

Let's Learn Together: 피터팬 (Peter Pan) // EXO

Let's Learn Together:  피터팬 (Peter Pan) // EXO

Song:  피터팬 (Peter Pan)
Artist:  EXO
Album:  XOXO (Kiss & Hug) [Kiss Version]
Company:  SM Entertainment

English:  5 / 10
Translation Difficulty:  4 / 10

Please credit "" or "angelsfallfast" when using the English translation.
[Edit:  3/20/14]

Just a Few Words:
I just love this song!  I wish this song had been promoted as a B-Side with a music video.  This is a song that is very much a song that is best enjoyed in Korean.  A lot of the nuances are lost in trying to translate it.

English:  5 / 10
So this was a tough call.  The English, once again, is okay "from a distance," meaning that on its own it is okay, but when you translate with the Korean, it gets wonky.  Also, I docked points for "baby boo."  I guess it's a Canadian thing, but I really dislike that phrase...

Translation Difficulty:  4 / 10
Now that I've got my whiteboard, translating has gotten easier!

10 Words:
  1. 낡다 (adjective):  "old, worn (out), shabby, battered" or "beat-up"
  2. 해맑다 (adjective):  "bright."  Also:  "innocent" or "untainted"
  3. 샘솟다 (verb):  "surge (up), well (up)"
  4. 멈추다 (verb):  "to stop" or "to halt"
  5. 괴롭다:  (adjective):  "to be painful" or "to be distressed"
  6. 분홍 (noun):  "pink"
  7. 빛나다 (verb):  "shine, sparkle, twinkle, gleam"
  8. 잡다 (verb):  "stop" or "prevent [keep] (sb from leaving)"
  9. 태업 (noun):  "spring" or "clockwork"
  10. 넘기다 (verb):  "turn (over)" or "leaf through, riffle (through), flip (through)"

Politeness Level:
The singer(s) are comfortable to the audience.  They are close friends, family, or in a relationship.

EXO and Their Drama: EXO's XOXO Drama MVs.

Okay, so we've all waited almost two months for this moment:  the second part to EXO's train wreck drama MVs.  Now I held off reviewing the drama version just for this moment. :D

EXO Drama Music Video Episode 1:
So this is a fantastic trainwreck.  Honestly, it looked okay at first, but the editing...the editing.  Seriously, SM, I have no training in computer technology but I can edit video and music together much better than that.  Ready to hire me yet?
Also, the plot is not very clear.  While I don't usually mind that K-Pop videos have shoddy plot lines, SM actually spent some time and money (and the hype) on these videos.  So why not invest in a good screenwriter?
One bright spot is Luhan's use of parkour (if that isn't really him, I will be mad because if they can afford a stunt double, they should be able to afford good editing...).  But why hire so many other guys to be bad guys if you already have 12 members in EXO?  And why doesn't Kris play a bigger part???  He is the fan favorite after all...
This also introduces Yoon Sohee, an actress under SM C&C who is 20 years old (5 days older than me!!!!).  Her age also explains why SM's favorite son, Kai, isn't the main love interest - she's his noona!  Not that it matters much after SHINee's "누난 너무 예뻐", but Luhan is older than her.

Korean Version