July 25, 2014

SMROOKIE: 한솔 [Han Sol]

한솔 [Han Sol]

Credit: SMROOKIES Facebook

Full Name:  지한솔 [Ji Hansol]
Birthday:  November 21, 1994
Age:  19
Blood Type: AB
Casting:  2012 SM Audition
Specialty: rap
Hometown: Busan, South Korea
Other Information:
Former Key East trainee.
Attended at Hanlim Arts High School in Seoul.
Official Appearances:
J-Min's "Shine" MV
Information Credit:  SMROOKIES International; SMROOKIES.com

SMROOKIES.com Greeting:

안녕하세요! 부산에서 온 한솔이에요.
제가 경상도 사나이라서 무뚝뚝하고 말이 없다고 생각하시는데요.
물론 말이 많은 편은 아니지만 소중한 사람들에게만큼은 따뜻하고 상냥한 남자입니다! ^^ 

Hello!  I'm Hansol from Busan.
I really hope that you don't think I'm unfriendly because I'm a Gyeongsang District guy.
I don't tend to say a lot but I can be a warm and friendly guy to all you precious fans! ^^
Translation Credit: 김다혜 [The SMART Style]


에스엠루키즈 한솔이입니다.
앞으로 다양한 모습 많이 보여드릴께요.
저희 에스엠 루키즈 많은 관심 부탁드립니다.
그리고 저 한솔이도 지켜봐주세요!!!^^

I'm SMROOKIE(')S Hansol.
In the future I will show a range of diverse images.
Please give us SM ROOKIES lots of interest and also keep an eye out for me!!! ^^
Translation Credit: 김다혜 [The SMART Style]

Holiday Greeting:

Photo Credit:  fanpop.com

[T/N:  I keep straining my eyes trying to transcribe these blurry messages!  When I rest my eyes or find a better resolution, I'll post my translations!]

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