November 11, 2014

SM Global Audition 2015

Yes, you heard right!  SM is hosting a Global Audition in 2015!!!  I want to thank CremeChoco for point this out to me ahead of time!  Thanks!  I will be trying out in Korea on the first date since it's during winter break.  ^^~

Interestingly, no Western countries were included this year and Japan was also excluded (maybe a hint at their difficulty in finding Japanese trainees?).  Only Korea, China, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand are included.

Most of my readers aren't currently in these areas, so I'll only provide general details.  If you are going to be in the area and need more information, just comment below or send me an email at:

You are allowed to audition for only one category:  dancer, singer, actor, model, and lyricist/composer.

Jan. 9th, 2015, Friday - 서울
Jan. 11th, 2015, Sunday - 서울
Jan. 11th, 2015, Sunday - 대전
Jan. 17th, 2015, Saturday - 전주
Jan. 17th, 2015, Saturday - 대구
Jan. 18th, 2015, Sunday - 광주
Jan. 18th, 2015, Sunday - 부산

Jan. 23rd, 2015, Friday - Shenyang
Jan. 23rd, 2015, Friday - Canton
Jan. 25th, 2015, Sunday - Zhengzhou
Jan. 25th, 2015, Sunday - Chengdu
Jan. 28th, 2015, Wednesday - Wuhan
Jan. 28th, 2015, Wednesday - Xi'an
Feb. 28th, 2015, Wednesday - Beijing
Mar. 1st, 2015, Sunday - Beijing
Mar. 6th, 2015, Friday - Nanjing
Mar. 6th, 2015, Friday - Hefei
Mar. 8th, 2015, Sunday - Shanghai
Mar. 8th, 2015, Sunday - Chongqing

Bangkok - Date Not Decided
Chiang Mai - Date Not Decided

Jakarta - Date Not Decided
Surabaya - Date Not Decided

Singapore - Date Not Decided

October 19, 2014

Updates galore!

After a massively busy start to my year abroad in Korea studying at Ewha Womans University, I'm going to be updating and reformatting my posts!
Keep an eye out for Korean lessons, posts about my experiences in Korea (MAP - My Adventures on the Peninsula), and more Korean song translations!

If you can't find something, it's probably under construction!  If you have any questions, just shoot us an email or add it to the comments below!

Also, the kinks in our "Ask Box" have been worked out so I'm going to be answering all your questions!!!!!!!  I'm so sorry for the late responses!!!!

September 2, 2014

Ladies' Code EunB

I know this is a SM centric blog, but I want to express my condolences to the family, members, friends, and fans of Ladies' Code.  This morning member EunB passed away due to a car accident involving the group.  Two other members, RiSe and Sojung, along with two staff members remain in critical condition.  The accident was due to their van slipping in the rain.

I'm sending my prayers and best wishes for a quick and full recovery to RiSe and Sojung and Rest In Peace EunB.

July 25, 2014

SMROOKIE: 웬디 [Wendy]

웬디 [Wendy]


Full Name:  손승환 [Son Seunghwan]
English Name:  손웬디 [Wendy Shon]
Birthday:  February 21, 1994
Age:  20
Blood Type: O
Casting:  2012 SM Canadian Global Audition
Specialties: guitar; English
Hometown: Toronto, Canada
Other Information:
Attended Richmond Hill High School.
From Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada.
Member of Richmond Hill High School's Show Choir, Vocal Fusion (Soprano Line: 2010-2012).
Auditioned for Cube Entertainment in 2011 and was Finalist #8 (Feb. 27, 2011).
Speaks English, Korean.
Plays guitar, saxophone.
Official Appearances:
"슬픔 속에 그댈 지워야만 해" MV
"슬픔 속에 그댈 지워야만 해" Single
"Speak Now" Cover
MAPS magazine
Information Credit:  SMROOKIES International; Greeting:

슬픔속에 그댈 지워야만 해~ 여러분 이 노래 혹시 기억하시나요?
네~ 제가 바로 드라마 '미미'의 OST중 '슬픔 속에 그댈 지워야만 해'를 부른 웬디입니다 ^^ 
어렸을 때부터 음악을 좋아해서 노래도 많이 부르고 악기도 많이 배웠었는데요~
(요즘은 기타도 열심히 연습하고 있어요~^^)
이제는 여러분께 제 노래를 들려드릴 수 있어서 무척 행복합니다!!
아! 그거 아세요?
제 이름 Wendy의 뜻이 도움을 주는 친구래요~ㅎㅎ 
앞으로 여러분들께 노래로 도움을 줄 수 있는 친구가 되겠습니다!
다음에 또 새로운 모습 보여드릴테니까 저 Wendy 잊지 말고 기억해주세용~~♡

"In my sorrow I must forget you"~  Everyone, do you remember this song by chance?
Yes~ I am Wendy who sang "In My Sorrow I Must Forget You" for the drama "MIMI"'s OST. ^^
Because I've liked music since I was young, I sang a lot and learned to play a lot of instruments~
(Lately I'm diligently practicing the guitar~ ^^)
Now since I'm able to sing for you all, I'm extremely happy!!
Ah!  Did you know?
My name means "a friend who gives assistance"~ hee hee
In the future I will become a friend who can give you all assistance through song!
Next time I think I will show you a fresh image again, so please don't forget and remember me~~<3
Translation Credit: 김다혜 [The SMART Style]

Holiday Greeting:

Photo Credit:

안녕하세요 여러분!  SM 루키걸 Wendy입니다!!
날씨가 많이 춥죠?  감기 걸리시지 않게 조심하세요~
얼마 남지 않은 2013년 잘 보내시구요!
2014 년도에는 하는 일들 다~ 잘 되시고 좋은 일들만 가득하길 바래요
앞으로도 열심히 하는 웬디 되겠습니다~!
Merry Christmas     Happy New Year :)

Hello everyone!  This is Wendy from SM Rookies!
I hope you all have wonderful holidays and I wish you a happy new year 2014!!! :)
I'll try harder and become a better Rookie girl!


Hello everyone!  I'm SM Rookie Girl Wendy!!
Isn't it really cold?  Be careful you don't catch a cold~
Have a great time during the rest of 2013!
In 2014 as well I hope everything works out and that it is filled with only good days.
I will become someone who keeps working hard~!

Merry Christmas     Happy New Year :)

Hello everyone!  This is Wendy from SM Rookies!
I hope you all have wonderful holidays and I wish you a happy new year 2014!!! :)
I'll try harder and become a better Rookie girl!
Translation Credit: 김다혜 [The SMART Style]

Official Photo Gallery:
Photo Credit:  SMROOKIES Facebook

Official Video Gallery:

Video Credit:  SMTOWN YouTube

SMROOKIE: 동혁 [Dong Hyuck]

동혁 [Donghyuck]


Birthday: June 6, 2000
Age: 14
Blood Type: AB
Specialties: dance
Hometown: Jeju, South Korea
Other Information:
Appeared at SMTOWN Week.
Information Credit: Greeting:

여러분께 처음 인사 드리는 동혁입니다!
앞으로 영상과 사진을 통해 더 많은 모습을 보여드릴 테니까 많이 사랑해주세요~ ♡
귀엽고 깜찍한 동혁이가 되겠습니다 ~

I'm Donghyuck who is greeting you all for the first time!
I'm sure in the future I will show you all many sides of myself through images and pictures so please show me lots of love~ <3
I will become a Donghyuck who is cute and precocious~
Translation Credit: 김다혜 [The SMART Style]