April 28, 2013

brainStorMing: Girls' Generation's Image Transformation

photo cr: Mezor
Girls’ Generation marked their first image transformation with the release of their 2013 hit single, “I Got A Boy”. Previously known to sport matching outfits and refrain from utilizing rap in their songs, Girls’ Generation offered individuality and sleek hip-hop style elements to incorporate rap and strong choreography with “I Got A Boy”. This was also the first time Girls’ Generation performed with sneakers since their debut
Initially, the transformation actually began with “The Boys” even though there were small changes rather than an overall modification. This was also the first time they integrated the use of rap in their music. Although they made a sleek transformation and shifted to a more mature concept, the image style remained the same with their fresh beauty and similar (if not matching) wardrobe.

The large-scale alternation with “I Got A Boy” led to many fans and non-fans to question the marketing logic behind S.M. Entertainment’s closed doors. Many speculate for SM to switch concepts between Girls’ Generation and f(x) especially with the news of f(x)’s Amber, who is famous for her boyish charms, growing out her hair. However, I believe that Girls’ Generation’s style change is a concept preparation for S.M. Entertainment’s future girl group, or as I like to call them, female EXO.  

S.M. Entertainment is eminent in the music industry for establishing male and female versions of the same concept. Previous artists include Super Junior and Girls’ Generation, SHINee and f(x), and now EXO and female EXO. With EXO being large in number, it seems to me that female EXO is also going to be large in number  and strikingly similar to Girls’ Generation especially because S.M. Entertainment launches its idol groups into the industry as fresh- faced beauties, similar to their debut days. The comparison isn’t as applicable with f(x) because although they too had a fresh image, they were smaller in number and had a vibrant and livelier image.

photo cr: as watermarked 
If SM intended on continuing Girls’ Generation’s concept and plans on marketing female EXO similarly to them, there wouldn’t be any significant difference in image and style between Girls’ Generation and female EXO. Not to mention the fans, who would think of this as an outrageous idea and most likely become anti’s of female EXO. This is why, in my opinion, the style shift with a “I Got A Boy” was an essential necessity. 

If you have your own speculations as to why S.M. Entertianment transformed Girls' Generation, comment below and let us know!

April 24, 2013

Contest Time!! -- OVER -- Results!!

I am super excited to be going to Korea in a mere few weeks and I want to share the excitement with you!
Just answer the questions below!  The most creative answer will win one of the three CDs of their choosing (it depends on which CDs are stocked at everysing)!

Entries must be sent to:  angelsunfoldedwings@gmail.com  by May 4th.
The winner will be announced May 5th.


  1. Please use correct spelling and basic grammar.
  2. Be creative. :)

  1. What is your favorite K-Pop idol and why?
  2. List three SM CDs would like and the order in which you prefer them.
And pick one of the next two questions?
  1. What is the craziest thing you've done for your favorite idol?
  2. Imagine you are the CEO of an idol company and could recruit any idol (active or retired!) into the ultimate idol group.  Who would be in the group, what would their roles be, and why would you choose them?
The contest is over!!!
Congratulations to Hyomin, our winner!!
I will be posting pics of me getting the CD soon. ;)

Here are her answers!
1.What is your favorite K-Pop idol and why?
I really,really love all of SM's idols/groups, but to narrow it down to a choice, I would say Girls' Generation. I find them hypnotic; each and every unnie absolutely outstanding in their very own way, whether its about their popping dance moves, powerful moving vocals, spunky-elegant attitude, or the down right fact that they are beautiful and talented girls. Not to mention, they have strived to give the best of themselves worldwide, and succeeded in pulling off all sorts of incredible changes from their debut to currently, I Got A Boy. This just leaves me in awe. Really, GG can make me nuts yet bring a sort of serene inspiration. Just so proud of them!
2.List three SM CDs would like and the order in which you prefer them.
i- I Got A Boy - Girls' Generation
ii- The Boys - Girls' Generation (if possible repackaged version)
ii- Sexy, Free & Single - Super Junior
Choice of the next two questions:
1.What is the craziest thing you've done for your favorite idol?
Hmm, sadly, I've never actually been able to meet them, or go to a concert, so no actual 'things done' for them before.
But there is this incident where I somehow stood up for them (more or less), my school radio was playing Gee and some classmate of mine was saying how Girls' Generation are 'just dumb girls with no talent what so ever. besides, they aren't that pretty'. Before I could stop myself I blurted out loudly "No they aren't, they're really great! If you can't appreciate them then keep it to yourself" then for good measure, I said "I, like them, and I like this song." I stood up and sang aloud to the track while attempting to dance, people were starting to look at me that time and JUST then, I stumbled onto the floor. It was total embarassments and I could see the sniggers and smirks going around but oh well, I just sat up and smiled.

Just for fun, here are me and Hara's answers!
My favorite K-Pop idol is BoA...or Kris...or Tiffany...or Amber...O.o
I really can't decide!!!

The craziest thing I've done for my idol(s) was get a job and take a 24 hour trip to see them in concert.  My mom gave me a week to get a job or not go to the SMTown Concert in New York City, so I went and got a job!  Then my friend and I got tickets and flew out to NYC, went to the concert, slept in the airport for 4 hours, and flew home.  Bonus, I got to see the tour bus off and was right up front and got Onew, Kyuhyun, Henry and Leeteuk to wave at us.  :)

If I could make a mega idol group, it would be a co-ed group and consist of EXO's Kris, SISTAR's Hyorin, f(x)'s Victoria, Super Junior's Henry, Girls' Generation's YoonA, U-KISS's Kevin, TVXQ's Changmin, Lee Hi, and 2NE1's CL.
Kris would be the leader, despite not being the oldest.  He's excellent leader material and would watch over the group very well.  Hyorin, Kevin, Lee Hi, and Henry would hold the group vocally while CL and Kris are the rappers (with CL being the main rapper).  YoonA is the female face and Kris will be the male face.  Lee Hi can be everybody's cute kid sister as the maknae.
Victoria, Henry, Kevin, and Changmin will hold the group on variety shows.  Kris, Victoria, Henry, Kevin, Changmin, and CL are all at least bi-lingual and would be able to communicate to fans in English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.


My favorite K-Pop idol is definitely EXO-M’s Luhan. Yes, go ahead and assume that I’m being
biased here because of his looks but honestly speaking I didn’t start liking him because he was
handsome; but because he has a sweet personality (according to fan accounts) and he is really
talented in his profession.


If I were the CEO of an entertainment company I certainly wouldn’t be as brilliant as Lee Soo
Man or Yang Hyun Suk but there are 5 female idols I believe could surpass any of the top girl
groups if they came together to form my ultimate K-Pop group.

The image of this girl group would be mature and womanly, maybe even a good amount of sex
appeal in the choreography (but not a whole lot).

My first pick would be 2NE1’s CL. Although she is her group’s leader, she would be in charge
of rap in my group. She’s one of the few female idols who can insert English in their rap without
it sounding like Konglish. Her stage presence is incredible and she also has this charismatic aura
when performing.

My second pick would be SISTAR’s Hyorin. Similar to CL, her stage presence is amazing and
she’s extremely charismatic. Also, she wouldn’t be the leader in my group like she is in SISTAR;
rather she’d be the main singer. Her vocals are unbelievable and I could seriously use that voice
in my ultimate group ^_^

For dance and choreography, I actually have two picks for my ultimate group. The first one
is Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon, and the second is After School’s former member Kahi. They
would be the main and lead dancers respectively. I feel like Hyoyeon’s street style and Kahi’s
sexy style would be a great combination. They are also incredible dancers and their stage
presence and charisma never fails to leave me in awe.

Last but not least, my fifth pick would be someone who has great leadership, talent, and
astounding visuals, and this describes none other than KARA’s Gyuri! Even though my ultimate
group mainly focuses on talent, I feel like Gyuri would do an amazing job filling in the spot for
beauty and visuals. Gyuri would be both the leader and the face of the group.

April 19, 2013

Hallyu in the US: A Critical Hit?

photo cr: Popdust

Despite Psy’s incredible success with Gangnam Style and the countless K-Pop concerts held in California and New York every year, I believe it’s safe to say that the Hallyu Wave hasn’t completely taken affect in the United States as a whole. It seems as if most K-Pop revenue in the U.S. generates from cities with a higher Korean or Asian population, in contrast to Florida (the state I live in) where it is still on the rise.

Some Korean Pop artists or bands may have a great potential of breaking through the U.S. market, if not all, especially solo acts such as Ailee, G-Dragon, and Hyorin. However, this is not to say that because Psy made it big and is a solo artist that they have a secured spot of high ranking on the US Billboard charts. Modern day music industries in America generally look for musically talented individuals with a solid staying power, in contrast to Korea’s roster of idols where they are carefully selected in order to form a multi-talented group to attract international fans and the media outside of the K-Pop world as well.

Although its catchy lyrics and unforgettable choreography has already conquered most of Earth, K-Pop will definitely continue to grow. With the help of Gangnam Style the path has opened several opportunities for Korea’s best performers. Nevertheless it will certainly take time for the Hallyu Wave to finally hit the States, for good. Patience is key. 

April 14, 2013

Let's Meet Hara!

Everyone, let's welcome my new author, Maisha Haq, aka Hara :)
Hara will be helping me out around here, especially when I'm in Korea.
April 2013

Hello! My name is Maisha Haq, and I am a Bangladeshi-born 17 year old girl living in America. I can speak two languages fluently, English and Bengali, and able to orally translate Hindi and Urdu without being able to write it. I am currently learning Arabic. My level of Korean is exceptional, as I can read and write Korean and pronunciation is fairly easy for me as well. I only know a few basic words and phrases, however there have been times when I listened to a Korean song and understood a couple lines without having to look at the lyrics.

April 9, 2013

Shorts: Earrings

Have you ever noticed, that EXO-K is the only SM group that doesn't wear earrings?