December 21, 2013

Google+ and Twitter Pages Now Officially Open!

Hello everyone!

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Have an amazing winter break!

December 20, 2013

Facebook Page Now Officially Open!

Hello everyone!

SM: The Smart Style's Facebook page is now finally open! Please visit our page at and don't forget to click the 'Like' button! Also, we will be opening more social network sites, specifically for this blog, so stay tuned.

December 12, 2013

Winter Weather Update :)

Happy Holiday Season everyone!!!

As you may have noticed, we are making some changes around here!   I keep pinching myself because the new layout Hara designed is just...WOW!!!!!!!!  So a round of applause to her for all of her hard work!
I feel the blog has become a tad cluttered so I will "cleaning" over the Winter! :)  Please keep tuned as I diligently revamp!

December 2, 2013

SM Pre-Debut Team [UPDATED]

I don't know about you, but I'm excited about SMROOKIES!
SMROOKIES is a pre-debut group that is fluid with the number of members that it holds.  It is a place where SM's top trainees can show themselves to the public and show off their talents (but mostly their looks...?) to the public and cover their sunbaes' songs.
It is interesting to point out that SM seems to only be releasing their top trainees.  From fan photos of the SMTOWN week where a video about the trainees played, there are other trainees (probably from SM Academy) who haven't been shown, and don't have their names released to the public.

My Question To SM:  Can the Rookies flunk out/drop out from SMROOKIES, or is this semi-permanent?
     Seriously, not all of these rookies can debut.  That would mean SM would have to debut 2-3 high number groups in the next few years (before they expire in the industry, age wise) and that's just the BOYS.  With EXO's immense popularity, their under promoting of their other groups in general *cough*Jino, Zhang Liyin, CSJH*cough* and SM C&C's merging with Woolim, they can't really afford to manage 2-3 more groups.  While it is high time SM releases an EXO sister group, their trainees thus far indicate they have three eligible trainees to debut:  Seulgi, Irene, and Wendy.  Lami is definitely too young to debut and we'll have to wait and see about Jeesu.  SM hasn't really showed us any true talent from the girls and a group can't just be faces.  That would be like debuting YoonA, Sunny, and Yuri.  SM trains them well so they can sing and dance, but they would be lost under the deluge of other pretty-faced groups that nobody can tell apart (Nine Muses, Dal Shabet, etc.).
      Also, with the ages of some of the Rookies, I can see some of them burning out or aging out.  The boys will all be early 20s or older when they get around to another boy group and almost running into their military service time.  Irene, if she doesn't debut, will soon age-out since it's unusual for an older girl to debut in K-Pop (though it would be refreshing, especially from SM!).  But the little kids who are 10-14, I could see burning out.  Some of them may be doing this because of their parents or because to them it's fun (right now).  But as they grow up, they may feel like they want to pursue normal lives, like U-KISS's Dongho discovered.

Now on to the stuff you actually care about! :)
I scoured the Internet for everything I can dig up about these guys.  I will update as I find more stuff and as more trainees are introduced.
Each week seems to have a theme so I have included "WILTC - What I Like To Call", or what I think the theme is.

Week 1:  December 2, 2013
WILTC:  SM's Favorites
TaeYong (태용)  --  July 1, 1995 (18)
     *Appeared in "To the Beautiful You"
Jeno (제노)  --  April 23, 2000 (13)
Seulgi (슬기)  --  February 10, 1994 (19)  --  Kang Seulgi (강슬기)  --  SM Casting System 2007
Week 2:  December 9, 2013
WILTC:  The Actors (w/ the exception of Jaehyun...?)
Irene (아이린)  --  March 29, 1991 (22)
     *Appeared in Henry's "1-4-3" MV.
Lami (라미)  --  March 2, 2003 (10)  --  Kim Sungkyung (김성경)
     *Appeared in SNSD's tour video, the drama "Five Fingers", etc.
Jaehyun (재현)  --  18 years old
Week 3:  December 16, 2013
WILTC:  The Heartbreakers
Mark (마크)  --  August 2, 1999 (14)  --  Mark Lee  --  Canada Global Audition (~2010-13)
     *Speaks English
Hansol (한솔)  --  November 21, 1994 (19)
Jisung (지성)  --  February 5, 2002 (11)  --  Park Jisung (박지성)
Week 4:  December 25, 2013
WILTC:  The Global Bunch
Johnny (쟈니)  --  February 9, 1995 (18)  --  서영호 (John Seo)  --  2007 US Global Audition
     *From Chicago;  Korean-American;  Speaks English;  Appeared in ABC's "K-Pop Boot Camp" and "To the Beautiful You"
Ten (텐)  --  February 27, 1996 (19)  --  Ten Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul  --  2013 Thai Global Audition
     *From Thailand;  Chinese-Thai;  Speaks English and Thai;  Appeared on Teen Superstar;  was almost a member of Boyfriend - offered a contract by Starship Entertainment
Yuta (유타)  --  October 26, 1995 (18)  --  2012 Japanese Global Audition
     *From Japan;  Japanese;  Speaks Japanese
Wendy (웬디) -- February 21, 1993 (21) -- Wendy Shon (손승환) -- 2012 Canada Global Auditions
     *From Canada:  Korean-Canadian;  Speaks Korean, English;  plays the guitar, saxaphone, piano

**Rookies unveiled at SMTOWN, but not officially on SMROOKIES
- Jeesu
- Yong ju
     *Appeared in "To the Beautiful You"
- Taeil

Credit:  S.M. Rookies Facebook;  SMROOKIES International;;

Original Post(s):

So far, their Facebook page, SMROOKIES, totes this as a way to meet the "team" before debut.  Whether this is gearing up to introduce a mixed-gender group or just introducing us to the trainees they plan on debuting in the future is unknown yet.  [Thank you Konglish...]

So far, they've released photos of "Tae Yong" (male), Jeno (male), and Seulgi (female).  Jeno should not be confused with Jino of SM The Ballad - that poor dude still stuck in the SM dungeon - but Seulgi is the female trainee that was mentioned by Kyuhyun on Radio Star.

Stay tuned to SMROOKIES and this blog for the latest info on this exciting new development!

SM has released more photos of Taeyong!  So I'm assuming that that's all for now, as far as adding "members."  They also added two clips of Seulgi.  In one she sings a Christmas carol and the other is just showing off her physical charms.  She actually has a decent voice.  I'm excited!

SM keeps adding more!
We are now up to
Taeyong (male, 18)
Jeno (male, 13)
Seulgi (female, 19)
Lami (female, 10)
Jaehyun (male, 16)
Irene (female, 22)

Once again, SM and its lookalikes...Taeyong bears a strong resemblance to Kris and Jaejoong, Jeno looks a lot like Donghae/Amber or Taemin/Kai, Jaehyun resembles Suho and Siwon (though, while there's only one photo of him, he could also resemble Chanyeol...), Lami looks like Sulli and Tiffany/Stephanie, and Irene looks like Taeyeon and Sunday.  Seulgi is the only fresh face that I see, though she does remind me of BoA when she was new...oh SM...

[credit: S.M.ROOKIES Facebook - fan site, SMROOKIES Facebook

November 7, 2013

Are the Rumors True? The Life of a Trainee and an Idol

Thanks to Khanh Truong who had this excellent question!

So are the rumors true?  Do you have to sleep with the CEO to get a part in an idol group, song, or movie?  Do they beat trainees?  Are idols overworked?  Are you forced to get surgery?

Like high school bullying, it does happen, but a majority of people don't experience it firsthand and of the people who do experience it, few experience it with such intensity.  Have there been cases where trainees been sexually assaulted or slept with a lowlife CEO to get into the business?  Yes.  Just look at the CEO of Open World Entertainment who was recently arrested for sexual assault on a trainee.  Have trainees been beat?  Yes, especially in the 90s and early 00s when corporal punishment was a common and accepted form of punishment in Korea (much like it was in the 50s in America).  Are idols overworked?  Yes.  Many idols like f(x)'s Krystal and KARA's Hara have both fainted onstage and T-ARA is very obviously overworked.  Are you forced to get surgery?  Yes, in the past it was "have surgery or don't debut".
These things do happen, but some things, such as beating trainees or getting forced to get surgery, are very uncommon nowadays because of the visibility of idols.  It's so easy to dig up pre-debut pictures so it's glaringly obvious when you get work done and corporal punishment is no longer an accepted form of punishment.

While it's impossible to predict whether it will happen to you, just like it's impossible to predict if you'll get hit by a car, there are ways to safeguard yourself to help you avoid these horrible things.

1.)  Don't be desperate.
While drive is integral to becoming a K-Pop idol, desperation is not.  I know how badly you want to be an idol, but there are terrible people out there.  There are ample reports of hopefuls getting scammed or sexually assaulted by people claiming to be able to make them stars.  Do your research.  If you've never heard of the company before, it probably doesn't exist.  Your body is not worth being a star.

2.)  Set your limits.
What are you willing to do?  Make a list of things you absolutely would not do to become a K-pop star.  Then stick to your guns.  Do not be willing to make any compromises on your list.
For example, here's my list:

  • No sex.  I will not perform as sort of sexual acts in exchange for fame.  I'm worth so much more than that.
  • No major plastic surgery.  Would I consider double-eyelid surgery or Botox?  Actually, I might.  But would I consider rhinoplasty (a nose job)?  No.
  • No physical abuse.  You lay a hand on me, I am out of there!  I don't care if I'm a day away from debut.  I refuse to be hit.
So if I ever became a trainee, but SM told me I couldn't debut until I had a nose job, I'd quit.

3.)  Stick with people you know.
A majority of you don't live in Korea, nor do you know anyone living in Korea.  So if you were to become a trainee, you'd be flying over to a completely strange place.
Kids, keep your parents close!  Scum bags prey on the naive and innocent who have no familiar moral compass asking them: "Did you honestly think this through???"

4.)  Know your limits.
Some people just don't know when to say no!  They take on project after project until they drop.  One of my friends in going to school full-time, playing in a marching band, involved in his church and works two jobs.  I keep telling him he's going keel over and die of overwork one day.  And honestly, some people, like him, can do all this and not feel tired.  But me, not so much.

October 23, 2013

Opportunity for SM Entertainment: SMTOWN Global SNS Marketing Contest

Ever wanted to be employed by SM Entertainment???  Well, here's your chance!  Winners will be award the honor of working for SM Entertainment for 3 months with a monthly salary!!!

Credit:  SM Entertainment

September 7, 2013

Let's Learn Together: 차 마실래? // 헬로비너스

Let's Learn Together:  차 마실래? // 헬로비너스

Song:  차 마실래?
Artist:  헬로비너스 (HELLOVENUS)
Album:  차 마실래요?
Company:  Pledis Entertainment

English:  10 / 10
Translation Difficulty:  5 / 10

Please credit "" or "angelsfallfast" when using the English translation.
[Edit:  3/23/14]

Just a Few Words:
This is one of the songs that highlighted my 2013 trip to Korea.  I also have a cool connection to the music video:  my Korean mom gave me a head band that is identical to the one Yoonjo wears at the end of the music video during my trip.  She, of course, had no clue!  I still think it's cool, but since none of Korean friends knew who Hello Venus were (they said they aren't very popular), I couldn't share it. XD

Also, it may just be me and my dirty mind, but some of the language seems to imply...other activities in a vague, innocent way.

English:  10 / 10

Translation Difficulty:  5 / 10

10 Words:
  1. 벌써 (adverb):  already
    1. *Has a sense of "so soon" rather than "previously"
  2. 서로 (pronoun):  "each other" or "one another"
  3. 지다 (verb):  "set" or "sink" or "go down"
  4. 기다리다 (verb):  "wait" or "hold on" or "expect" or "await" or "look forward to"
  5. 부탁 (verb):  "request"
  6. 부끄럽다 (adjective):  "ashamed, shameful, embarrassed."  Also, "shy, bashful"
  7. 길다 (adjective):  "long, lengthy"
  8. 용기 (noun):  "courage, nerve" or "guts" or "spunk" or "bravery"
  9. 자존심 (noun):  "one's pride, self-respect, self-esteem"
  10. 우리 (noun):  "us, we, ours, ourself"
    1. * In this case it is used as a polite way to say "my"
Politeness Level:
The singer(s) are removed from the audience.  They either respect the listener, are unfamiliar with the listener, or the listener is of a higher status than the listener.  The listener may be an in-law, parent, boss, teacher, 선배, etc.

September 6, 2013

Let's Learn Together: 으르렁 // EXO

Let's Learn Together:  으르렁 // EXO

Song:  으르렁
Artist:  EXO
Album:  으르렁 [XOXO Re-packaged Album] [Kiss Version]
Company:  SM Entertainment

English:  10 / 10
Translation Difficulty:  6 / 10

Please credit "" or "angelsfallfast."
[Edit: 3/28/14]

Just a Few Words:
As weird as "Growl" is in the song, it actually makes sense.  He's growling at the competition and telling them to back off.
EXO is taking Korea by storm with this song!  It's definitely a song that makes you want to get up and dance!!

English:  10 / 10
There are only two ad-libs on English, "I'm so serious" and "so dangerous" and they are pronounced just fine (from what I can tell under the audio distortion).

Translation Difficulty:  6 / 10
This was a bit hard.  I had to have help from by 언니들 for some of the grammar!  I guess ㄹ세라 is pretty obscure and rarely used! ^^

10 Words:
  1. 자극 (noun):  "stimulation, stimulus (stimuli), spur" or "excitement, thrills" or "stimulate, spur, excite, arouse" or "titillate" or "provoke, irritate"
  2. 멎다 (verb):  "to stop"
  3. 캄캄하다 (adjective):  "gloomy" or "hopeless" or "dark" or "dismal" or "bleak"
  4. 감추다 (verb):  "hide" or "conceal" or "keep sth secret [back]"
  5. 노리다 (verb):  "have an eye on" or "be out for" or "be after" or "aim for" or "seek" or "aim (at/for)"
  6. 시선 (noun):  "one's eyes."
  7. 거세다 (adjective):  "strong" or "wild" or "violent" or "fierce"
  8. 소용돌이 (noun):  "maelstrom" or "eddy" or "whirlpool"
  9. 물러나다 (verb):  "step [stand] back, go [move] back(ward), back off," or "draw back"
  10. 사납다 (adjective):  "wild, violent, fierce, ferocious."  Also, "stormy"
  11. *으르렁 (onomatopoeia):  "with a snarl [roar, growl]"

Politeness Level:
Low Casual
The singer is extremely confidant with the listener.  The speaker either thinks of the listener as someone far beneath their status or the listener is a child.
-->  In this case, the listener is the singer's romantic rival and he is talking down to the listener.

September 4, 2013

Let's Learn Together: 피터팬 (Peter Pan) // EXO

Let's Learn Together:  피터팬 (Peter Pan) // EXO

Song:  피터팬 (Peter Pan)
Artist:  EXO
Album:  XOXO (Kiss & Hug) [Kiss Version]
Company:  SM Entertainment

English:  5 / 10
Translation Difficulty:  4 / 10

Please credit "" or "angelsfallfast" when using the English translation.
[Edit:  3/20/14]

Just a Few Words:
I just love this song!  I wish this song had been promoted as a B-Side with a music video.  This is a song that is very much a song that is best enjoyed in Korean.  A lot of the nuances are lost in trying to translate it.

English:  5 / 10
So this was a tough call.  The English, once again, is okay "from a distance," meaning that on its own it is okay, but when you translate with the Korean, it gets wonky.  Also, I docked points for "baby boo."  I guess it's a Canadian thing, but I really dislike that phrase...

Translation Difficulty:  4 / 10
Now that I've got my whiteboard, translating has gotten easier!

10 Words:
  1. 낡다 (adjective):  "old, worn (out), shabby, battered" or "beat-up"
  2. 해맑다 (adjective):  "bright."  Also:  "innocent" or "untainted"
  3. 샘솟다 (verb):  "surge (up), well (up)"
  4. 멈추다 (verb):  "to stop" or "to halt"
  5. 괴롭다:  (adjective):  "to be painful" or "to be distressed"
  6. 분홍 (noun):  "pink"
  7. 빛나다 (verb):  "shine, sparkle, twinkle, gleam"
  8. 잡다 (verb):  "stop" or "prevent [keep] (sb from leaving)"
  9. 태업 (noun):  "spring" or "clockwork"
  10. 넘기다 (verb):  "turn (over)" or "leaf through, riffle (through), flip (through)"

Politeness Level:
The singer(s) are comfortable to the audience.  They are close friends, family, or in a relationship.

EXO and Their Drama: EXO's XOXO Drama MVs.

Okay, so we've all waited almost two months for this moment:  the second part to EXO's train wreck drama MVs.  Now I held off reviewing the drama version just for this moment. :D

EXO Drama Music Video Episode 1:
So this is a fantastic trainwreck.  Honestly, it looked okay at first, but the editing...the editing.  Seriously, SM, I have no training in computer technology but I can edit video and music together much better than that.  Ready to hire me yet?
Also, the plot is not very clear.  While I don't usually mind that K-Pop videos have shoddy plot lines, SM actually spent some time and money (and the hype) on these videos.  So why not invest in a good screenwriter?
One bright spot is Luhan's use of parkour (if that isn't really him, I will be mad because if they can afford a stunt double, they should be able to afford good editing...).  But why hire so many other guys to be bad guys if you already have 12 members in EXO?  And why doesn't Kris play a bigger part???  He is the fan favorite after all...
This also introduces Yoon Sohee, an actress under SM C&C who is 20 years old (5 days older than me!!!!).  Her age also explains why SM's favorite son, Kai, isn't the main love interest - she's his noona!  Not that it matters much after SHINee's "누난 너무 예뻐", but Luhan is older than her.

Korean Version

August 29, 2013

Let's Learn Together: Oh! // 소녀시대

Let's Learn Together:  Oh! // 소녀시대

Song:  Oh!
Artist:  소녀시대 [Girls' Generation // SNSD]
Album:  Oh!
Company:  SM Entertainment

English:  7 / 10
Translation Difficulty:  2 / 10

Please credit "" or "angelsfallfast" when using the English translation.
[Edit:  3/18/14]

Just a Few Words:
I found a faster way to translate!  I use a whiteboard to help me get my thoughts in order so I don't have to keep flipping back and forth between browser pages.  Hopefully, this means I get things up faster!!

Anyway, I love "Oh!"  It's one of the few K-Pop songs that I know how to dance to and, besides, it's really catchy.  (I say that a lot, don't I?)  "Oh!" also helped solidify Girls' Generation as a hit maker.

English:  7 / 10
So the pronunciation is fine - most of the English is done by the group's two native English speakers, Jessica and Tiffany.  The English by itself is fine, but when globbed together with the Korean, the grammar could be tweaked.  Brand New Sound isn't wrong, but since the Korean sentence before it is complete, it's just a noun and a few adjectives hanging around with no verb.  And so on...

Translation Difficulty:  2 / 10

10 Words:
  1. 전에 (adverb):  "previously" or "formerly"
  2. 새롭다 (adjective):  "new" or "fresh, original"
  3. (adverb):  "{a little bit}" -->  indicates a degree of politeness
  4. 말투 (noun):  "one's way of speaking [talking]"
  5. 콧대가 높다 (verb phrase):  "to have a sharp nose."  Also:  "{snobbish}" or "{conceited}"
  6. 놀리다 (verb):  "tease, provoke" or "kid, pull one's leg" or "make fun of, poke fun at, play a joke [prank, trick] on sb"
  7. 잠깐만 (phrase):  "just a minute / moment / second"
  8. 후회 (noun):  "regret"
  9. 전혀 모르다 (adverb + verb):  "know nothing of" or "have not the slightest [faintest] idea" or "be quite ignorant of"
  10. 미루다 (verb):  "to delay" or "postpone" or "put off"

Politeness Level:
The singer(s) are comfortable to the audience.  They are close friends, family, or in a relationship.

August 26, 2013

Let's Learn Together: MY MY // Apink

Let's Learn Together:  MY MY // Apink

Let's Learn Together:  MY MY // Apink
Song:  MY MY
Artist:  Apink
Album:  Snow Pink - EP
Company:  A Cube Entertainment

English:  9 / 10
Translation Difficulty:  2 / 10

Please credit "" or "angelsfallfast" when using the English translation.
[Edit:  3/16/14]

Just a Few Words:
Ah, Apink.  I just love this group!  Much like 4Minute, sadly, they are basically "Eunji and the Back Up Dancers".  Lately, however, both Naeun and Namjoo have been getting attention.  But, of course, my favorite member (and the only one I knew besides Eunji, before Naeun and Namjoo got more attention), Yookyung, got kicked out! T-T

English:  9 / 10
So the two lines Yookyung says are perfect (why, Apink, did you kick out the one member who's good at English????).  I took off a little for "MY MY MY you're MY" because it really doesn't make any sense.  "you're my..." what????   Elephant?  Pet?  Boyfriend?  Grammatically, I think it should be "mine, mine, mine, you're mine", but it doesn't have the right flow.  So, I only took one point off.

Translation Difficulty:  1 / 10
This actually wasn't that difficult!
[Edit:  This was actually easy enough I was having trouble finding words to list below. ^^']

10 Words:
  1. 떨리다 (verb):  "shake" or "tremble."  Also, "shake, tremble, quiver, shiver, shudder, quake."  Also, "tremble, quiver."
  2. 생각 (noun):  "thought."  Also:  "idea" or "think" or "consider"
  3. 기분 (noun):  "feelings, mood"
  4. 부르다 (verb):  "call (out)."  Also, "say" or "call out" or "dictate."  Also, "sing."  Also, "call, send for" or "summon" or "invite."  Also, "call (sb sth), christen."  Also, "ask, quote."  Also, "cause, beget."
  5. (adverb):  "just"
  6. 처음 (adverb):  "first."  Also:  "beginning" or "start."
  7. (noun):  "snow"
    1. * "눈"'s other definition is eye!
  8. 하얗다 (adjective):  "white" or "fair" or "pale."  Also:  "(pure)"
  9. 우연히 (adverb):  "by change, by accident, accidentally."
  10. 마주치다 (verb):  "run into" or "bump into" or "come (run) across" or "happen to meet" or "chance (up)on"

Politeness Level:
The singer(s) are comfortable to the audience.  They are close friends, family, or in a relationship.

August 24, 2013

Let's Learn Together: 반짝반짝 // 걸스데이

Let's Learn Together:  반짝반짝 // 걸스데이

Song:  반짝반짝
Artist:  걸스데이 (Girl's Day)
Album:  기대 [Expectation]
Company:  Dream Tea Entertainment

English:  1 / 10
Translation Difficulty:  1 / 10

Please credit "" or "angelsfallfast."
[Edit:  3/13/14]

Just a Few Words:
I know this is an older song, but I still like it!  The zany tune really drives my sister crazy, but I think it's addicting.  I'm currently listening to it on repeat. :D
This song is basically about a girl who's confused about the signals her oppa is giving her.

English:  1 / 10
So I give them a little credit for the few lines that are accurate.  However, for all those correct lines, there are some that just make me shake my head.  "Love Love in sweety mind"?  Also, how do they misspell their name?  GIRL DAY...where's the "S"?

Translation Difficulty:  1 / 10
This was really easy, except for the lines that had the random English words.  "I am your Medic."?  

10 Words:
  1. 바라보다 (verb):  "look (at)" or "watch" or "stare (at)" or "gaze (at/into)"
  2. 나쁘다 (adjective):  "bad" or "poor."  Also:  "wrong"
  3. 훔치다 (verb):  "pinch" or "steal (sth for sb), pilfer (from), purlion" or "lift" or "filch" or "swipe" or "knock sth off".  Also "steal"
  4. 못되다 (adjective):  "bad, mean, evil, wicked"
  5. 슬쩍 (adjective):  "stealthily, furtively, secretly" or "nimbly".  Also "secretly".
  6. 멀어지다 (verb):  "recede, die away".  Also "grow apart, drift apart".
  7. 두렵다 (adjective):  "fearful (of)" or "scared (of)"
  8. 싫어지다 (verb):  "become disgusted (with), get sick [tired] (of), get fed up (with)"
  9. 장난치다 (verb):  "play with" or "joke with" or "make fun of"
  10. 가깝다 (adjective):  "close to" or "nearby" or "near"

Politeness Level:
The singer(s) are comfortable to the audience.  They are close friends, family, or in a relationship.

Congratulations! So Now You're A Trainee...: A Speculative Look At Your Future

[DISCLAIMER:  Like the title says, this is speculative.  I have made educated guesses based on what I believe are mostly reliable sources.]

For More Information:

August 23, 2013

Let's Learn Together: Love Like This (네게로) // SS501

Let's Learn Together:  Love Like This (네게로) // SS501

Song:  Love Like This (네게로)
Artist:  SS501
Album:  Rebirth
Company:  DSP Media

English:  3 / 10
Translation Difficulty:  5 /10

Please credit "" or "angelsfallfast."
[Edit:  3/12/14]

Just A Few Words:
This is the song that got me into K-Pop, thanks to the American group Varsity Fanclub and Drew Ryan Scott.  It also introduced me to how territorial fans get over songs (even if the rights were all legally acquired...) -_-
This song is very...simple.  It's understandable, since SS501 had very little time to translate and record it.  VFC had been planning to release it as late as March of 2009 (I actually watched this preview live, so the date's accurate) and SS501 released Rebirth in October.  Yeah, fast turn around.

Also, random tidbit but, I never knew the full title was "Love Like This (네게로)" until I looked it up on naver.

English:  3 / 10
Separate from the Korean, the English should be a 10 out of 10.  But once you factor in pronunciation and how it actually sound with the Korean, I have to massively deduct the English score.

Translation Difficulty:  5 / 10
This was harder than I expected because of how the Korean lyricists interlaced Korean with English.  It comes out...awkward.

10 Words:
  1. 이제 (adverb):  now
  2. 보여주다 (verb):  show, let {a person} see [look at] (a thing), display
  3. 항상 (adverb):  always, at all times, all the time
  4. 망설 (noun):  a false [baseless] report
  5. 가다리다 (verb):  wait, hold on; hang on; expect; await; look forward to
  6. 주인 (noun):  owner (of);  master; proprietor; landlord, landlady;  host, hostess
  7. 떠올리다 (verb):  recall, recollect
  8. 소중하다 (adjective):  precious, valuable, dear; priceless
  9. 원하다 (verb):  want, wish, hope; desire; long (for/to do)
  10. 결국 (adverb):  finally, eventually, ultimately, after all, at (long) last, in the long run

Politeness Level:
The singer(s) are comfortable to the audience.  They are close friends, family, or in a relationship.

Let's Learn Together: SUNSHINE // 레인보우

Let's Learn Together:  SUNSHINE // 레인보우

Artist:  레인보우 (Rainbow)
Album:  Rainbow Syndrome:  Part 2
Company:  DSP Media

English:  2 / 10
Translation Difficulty:  2 / 10

Please credit: "" or "angelsfallfast"]
[Edit:  3/12/14]

Just a Few Words:
This is totally my feel good jam of the summer!  The music video is packed with cuteness and I just love it!!  However, I do have to say that Yoonhye's unnaturally large eyes weird me out sometimes...

English:  2 / 10.
-- First of all, I kept hearing "cherry boy" (which makes sense, but then that would mean that the girls keep pointing out that the boy they're in love with is a virgin - which isn't bad, but it's really awkward in a song...).  But the lyrics say "Jerry boy" (and so does the MV), so what the heck is a Jerry boy?
The English pronunciation is pretty good up until Woori's rap.  She says everything right, but just with a heavy accent.
[Something in me says they need a comma after "sunshine" in "You're my SUNSHINE(,) BOY"...]

Translation Difficulty:  1 out of 10.

10 Words:
  1. 맞다 (verb):  "be hit (by)" or "be shot" or "be struck"
    1. --> Note: Usually when you see this word, it will translate into "correct" or "right", but in this context, we use its less-frequently used homophone.
  2. 빼앗기다 (verb):  "be captivated by" or "be charmed by"
  3. 천사 (noun):  "angel"
  4. 다가가다 (verb):  "to approach" or "draw near" or "come up (to)"
  5. 햇살 (noun):  "sun" or "sunlight" or "sunshine"
  6. 바다 (noun):  "sea" or "ocean"
  7. 조마조마하다 (adjective):  "afraid (of/that)" or "nervous [uneasy, anxious] (about)"
  8. 수줍다 (adjective):  "shy, bashful"
  9. 녹다 (verb):  "to melt" or "to run"
  10. 불을 지르다 (verb phrase):  "to set fire to" or "start a fire"

Politeness Level:
The singer(s) are comfortable to the audience.  They are close friends, family, or in a relationship.

Let's Learn Together: 3.6.5. // EXO

Let's Learn Together:  3.6.5 // EXO

Song:  3.6.5
Artist:  EXO
Album:  XOXO (Kiss & Hug) [Kiss Version]
Company:  SM Entertainment

English:  10 / 10
Translation Difficulty:  8 / 10

Please credit: "" or "angelsfallfast"
[Edit: 3/12/14]

Just a Few Words:  Finally, this is up!  Thank you for waiting so patiently!  This song turned out to be much more difficult than I had first anticipated.  Because of it, I want to thank 윤언니 for answering my ever-pestering questions.  ^^  감사합니다!!
This definitely sounds like something One Direction would sing, but it fits EXO perfectly!  Also, it's nice to clearly hear Kai sing and not just rap.

English:  10 / 10
How hard is it to say "Three.  Six.  Five?" :)

Translation Difficulty:  8 out of 10.
Okay, so this was tougher than I thought!  The parts in the verses where they sing the numbers was obviously forced a little to fit the song.   Also, this a song that is difficult to translate literally into English.  As evident by the help I got from 소윤언니, I kinda got lost when translating it! ^^
Edit: [3/12/14]
4 out of 10.
This is a prime example of how this gets easier over time.  My Korean is getting to point where I look back and say "What the heck was I thinking?"  But this is still tricky... :)

10 Words:
  1. 부딪히다 (adjective):  "to be bumped (crashed) into" or be bumped (run) against"
  2. 이겨내다 (verb):  "overcome" or "conquer (the enemy)" or "get over (a disease)" or "resist (a temptation)"
  3. 숨을 고르다 (phrase):  "to get one's breath"
  4. 깨우다 (verb):  "wake (up)" or "awaken" or "awake"
  5.  (noun):  "second"
  6.  (noun):  "(spare) time"
  7. 기사 (noun):  "knight"
  8. (noun):  "sword" or "saber"
  9. 비끼다 (verb):  "to lie aslant" or "hang at an angle" or {"deflect"}
  10. 나타나다 (verb):  "to appear" or "to turn up."  Also:  "to come into sight"

Politeness Level:
The singer(s) are comfortable to the audience.  They are close friends, family, or in a relationship.

August 10, 2013

Long Time No See!

I apologize for the long absence!   I had the awesome opportunity to meet a group of students from South Korea who were staying at university for a summer program.  There are some truths to what you hear about girl groups and the army.  One of the boys had just come off his mandatory service.  He knew pretty much all the girl groups and their current songs and happily declared they were "goddesses".  And just to show what a small world it of the girls was a former elementary school classmate with D.O.

Even though school is starting, I have some more time!  I will finish up the last touches on the "3.6.5." translation and get back in gear. :)

July 24, 2013

f(x) Comes Back: 첫 사랑니 (Rum Pum Pum Pum) [MV]

Yay!  f(x) is finally back!  Well, not yet, really, but their MV for their title song, "첫 사랑니 (Rum Pum Pum Pum)" [Is this (your) first love? (Rum Pum Pum Pum)] is finally out!

Upon first listen, I really like the song.  It's nice to hear SM finally not use English for the sake of using English (I don't count "Rum pum pum pum" as a word).  Sulli gets the only two English words in the song, "attention boys", and surprising pulls it off flawlessly.  I'm surprised because was garbled in "To the Beautiful You" and non-existent in the Funny Or Die skit with Anna Kendrick.  Mostly, it's nice to hear Amber using Korean to rap instead of the token English rap.

However, the music video (like a majority of SM's MVs of late), is disappointing.   I don't know if they've completely given up on anything not dance-related with f(x) or what, but after "La CHA ta", "Chu", and "NU ABO", f(x) just dances.  But then and again, it's happening to Super Junior too.

Unlike a majority of people, I really don't mind SM's box MVs.  I love the dances SM gives their artists and am always a tad annoyed when the plot line (which is usually weak and/or non-existent - hey at least their honest with their lack of ability with coming up with creative story lines!) gives me only a handful of shots of the dance.
But I digress.  Anyway, the MV was disappointing in the fact that SM is shamelessly copying from f(x)'s previous MVs, "Hot Summer" and "Pinnochio".  While "Electric Shock" was still in a box, at least it didn't really resemble any of their previous MVs (kudos for box creativity?).  However, the red hair and the "bouncing" camera shots of Krystal are straight out of "Hot Summer" and the "flipping" shots and the pointing/poking CG objects are straight out of "Pinnochio".

But I'm just disappointed in the fact Amber looks like a guy.  SM has been growing out Amber's hair and letting her drop hints that their next comeback would include her with a more girlish look.  But no.  They went the most masculine look that she's ever had.  Shortest hair too.  And might I add that this dance is so not meant for her look?  While the moves can't really be classified as "sexy" they are "sexy" enough for it to look mighty awkward for Amber.  Especially that moment when she has to lay on the floor.  Awkward!

So if you haven't seen it yet:

July 22, 2013

All Your Answers, Conveniently Located

To All That Read This Blog,

First and foremost, thank you so much for reading!  Never would I have imagined that a simple blog about my passion for SM Entertainment would turn out like this!

I love hearing from each and everyone, but I do get a lot of comments and emails to answer.  I have compiled all the useful information I can think of into four easy places:

Please check these sections before commenting or asking a question.  Most likely, I have already answered your question!   I spent a lot of time on these, so please put them to good use!
However, if you cannot find your answer there, don't hesitate to comment or email me!

Here are some other places to look!

Tell Me Your Wish...Er...Questions. (소원을 말해봐...아...대답): Commonly Asked Questions

For more answers:

July 9, 2013

Shorts: Flexibility

SM is big on their artists being flexible.
Anyway, here's a quick list of SM artists that can do the splits:

Super Junior's Sungmin, Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Henry
Zhang Liyin
Girls' Generation
EXO's Chen, Baekhyun, D.O., and Luhan [that we know of]
The Grace's Stephanie

These are the ones that I can think of off the top of my head.  Anyway, that's over half of SM's roster (plus I'm assuming Kai, Sehun, and BoA can all do the splits, but I haven't found any proof yet.)
Don't worry if you can't do the splits.  It is something most people can train themselves to do, though there are some people who physically can't do the splits.  I'm pretty sure, whether they could before or not, Kyuhyun and Heechul are incapable of the splits because of their car accident.

Let's Learn Together: ELVIS // AOA [Ace of Angels]

Let's Learn Together:  ELVIS // AOA [Ace of Angels]

Song:  ELVIS
Artist:  AOA [Ace of Angels]
Album:  Angels' Story - Single
Company:  FNC Entertainment

English:  1 / 10
Translation Difficulty:  1 / 10

Please credit: "" or "angelsfallfast"
[Edit: 3/10/14]

Just a Few Words:
This song is a new favorite of mine.  I found it in my iTunes library when I overhauled it and I re-fell in love with it.  Definitely a good dancing song!  However, the lyrics are pretty simplistic and kinda...odd.  Elvis?  My grandma listens to him...(so not exactly culturally relavent).
This is also just one of those songs that works in Korean, but not in English.  Onomatopoeias aren't commonly used in conversational English, but more frequently in Korean.  So the part where it describes the sound of high-heels just doesn't translate well into English.  Also, 똑각똑각 is the click of shoes, but the only think I can think of that sounds like that are...high-heels.  But then and again, in the past, Elvis wore brogues which have a low heel...

English:  3 / 10.
-- So some lines are good and some, not so much.  "You're my Elvis" doesn't make much sense to me at least.  I get that Elvis was this mega-hottie back in the day and he was über famous and all, so maybe they're comparing the boy to Elvis...?  (But what does Elvis have to do with angels...?)
Anyway, the pronunciation of some things is kinda off too.  Firstly, the lack of the letter "v" in Korean leads "Elvis" to end up sounding like "Elbis", depending on who says it.  Also, "bling" ends up like "ba-ring".

Translation Difficulty:  1 out of 10.

10 Words:
  1. 충격 (noun):  "shock" or "jolt"
  2. 찌릿찌릿* (onamonapeia):  a tingly sensation associated with a small electrical shock; also used to describe the sensation you get when you see someone you have a crush on.
  3. 돌아가다 (verb):  "return" or "go [get, turn] back"
  4. 똑각** (onamonapeia):  the sound heels make when walking in them (usually translated as "click-clock")
  5. 멋쟁이 (noun):  "sharp dresser" or "smart dresser"
  6. 걸다 (verb):  "cast [put] a spell on" or "hypnotize"
  7. 반하다 (verb):  "fall in love (with)" or "fall for" or "be enamored (of/with)" or "give [lose] one's heart to sb" or "have a crush on sb" or "be taken with [by]" or "take a fancy to sb" or "be keen on"
  8. 매력 (noun):  "(sex) appeal" or "charm" or "attraction" or "magnetism"
  9. 들어오다 (verb):  "enter" or "come [get] in(to)" or "walk [step] in(to)".  Also "pull in".  Also: "come into sight [view]" or "come into one's head"
  10. 취하다 (adjective):  "be drunk on [with]" or "be enraptured" or "get intoxicated"
*Credit:  Translator Café
**Credit:  소연언니
Politeness Level:
The singer(s) are comfortable to the audience.  They are close friends, family, or in a relationship.

July 2, 2013

Playlist! Music of the Month: June 2013

With the beginning of July, check out our favorite K-Pop tracks from June!

I'm a junkie for catchy tunes. I don't know anything about how a song should be structured or not, but as long as it's catchy (and occasionally, peppy), I'm hooked!

1.) 늑대와미녀 (Wolf)// 엑소 (EXO)

I can't stop listening to this song on repeat! The howls were ridiculous (and still are) but I'm over that. I'm totally in love with Baekhyun's and Chen's high notes. Totally psyched that they won both Music Bank and Music Core!!! EXO fighting!

2.) SUNSHINE// 레이보우 (Rainbow)

This is my aegyo song this summer! I need a sparkly song to get me in the mood of my job so this is the perfect song to put on repeat and make me happy and spunky.

3.) 와일드 (Wild)// 니인뮤지스 (NINE MUSES)

I never really listened to NINE MUSES before I heard this song. it was on the various music shows while I was in Korea and now I'm hooked!

June 20, 2013

Let's Sing Together: YOO-HOO // 시크릿

Let's Sing Together:  YOO-HOO // 시크릿

Please credit:  "" or "angelsfallfast"

-- I really had fun coming up with lyrics for this song.  I know that it sounds really cheesy sometimes, but, hey, it's a cheesy song! :D  If you really think about it, "yoo-hoo", which is used (very scarcely now) to get someone's attention - along the lines of "Hey!"- in a feminine way, doesn't really make sense with English lyrics.  But you know what else sounds like "yoo-hoo" that makes sense?  "You!"  Just make the "u" at the end two syllables and it sounds exactly the same!
I also changed some of the Konglish lines so it would make more sense!  Enjoy!

The B-Side: Songs I Wish Were Promoted

Sadly in K-Pop, a lot of good songs never get any air time.  Sure some of the bigger groups like Girls' Generation or 2NE1 get enough stage time that you get to hear some of their B-Sides, but it's still pretty rare.  In K-Pop, the repackaged album is promoted with a new song and even includes some more songs that never see the light of the mainstream.  There's no promoting 6 singles off a single album like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift.

Here are some of my favorite B-Sides that I wish got promoted or at least got a music video!  Enjoy!

Dalshabet Girls - Dal Shabet  (Instead of "Be Ambitious")

  • So I know this album is hot off the press as I write this, but I seriously like this song so much more than "Be Ambitious".  To me, the intro is much catchier than "Be Ambitious" and even though it's still a tad slower, I still love it!
잠깐만 (Wait a Moment) - HELLOVENUS  (Instead of "차 마실래?")
  • This would have made a really cute music video, especially the awkward dialogue at the end.  While Lime is a good rapper, "차 마실래" doesn't really have a good rap... >.>  This song is without a rap and it would be nice to see a cutesy girl group try and forego that.  Also, this clicks well with girls who wanted to stab the group for their line "여자라서 말도 못 하고" ("I can't say anything [ask you out] because I'm a girl") since it's about a girl attempting to ask a guy out.

Let's Learn Together: YOO-HOO // 시크릿

Let's Learn Together:  YOO-HOO // 시크릿

Song:  YOO-HOO
Artist:  시크릿 (SECRET)
Album:  Letter From SECRET
Company:  TS Entertainment

English:  7 / 10
Translation Difficulty:  4 / 10

Please credit: "" or "angelsfallfast"
[Edit:  3/9/14]

Just a Few Words:
I heard this all the time when I was in Korea!  I didn't really like SECRET's other songs like "Madonna", "Magic", and "Poison", but this song is really catchy!  The video is adorable and SECRET is really good with the aegyo.  This was also what set off my new-found fiery passion for peppy, aegyo-packed songs.  Hey, it's K-Pop and this is what K-Pop does best.

English Rating:  7 / 10
"I just want to be your love" is a tad awkward, but it's still okay.  But "Do you hear me that I'm falling in love" is missing some punctuation.  There needs to be a question mark after "me", removed the "that" and add in a couple of space or they need to get rid of the "me".
The pronunciation is good, but still with a hint of an accent.

Translation Difficulty:  4 / 10

10 Words:
  1. 끌리다 (adjective):  "be drawn (to)" or "be attracted [fascinated] (by)
  2. 위로 (noun):  "console" or "comfort"
  3. 애인 (noun):  "lover".  Also: "boyfriend"
  4. 조금씩 (adverb):  "gradually" or "little by little" or "bit by bit" or "inch by inch"
  5. 움직이다 (verb):  "move" or "touch".  Also:  "change"
  6. 온통 (adverb):  "all" or "entirely" or "wholly" or "altogether"
  7. 참다 (verb):  "suppress" or "stifle" or "stop [resist] (doing)" or "hold [fight, force] back" or "restain oneself (from doing)"
  8. 놓치다 (verb):  "miss" or "lose"
  9. 알아주다 (verb):  "recognize" or "appreciate" or "acknowledge"
  10. 잠자다 (verb):  "sleep" or "catch some z's" or "go to bed"

Politeness Level:
The singer(s) are comfortable to the audience.  They are close friends, family, or in a relationship.