June 20, 2013

Let's Sing Together: YOO-HOO // 시크릿

Let's Sing Together:  YOO-HOO // 시크릿

Please credit:  "auditionadviceandthoughts@blogspot.com" or "angelsfallfast"

-- I really had fun coming up with lyrics for this song.  I know that it sounds really cheesy sometimes, but, hey, it's a cheesy song! :D  If you really think about it, "yoo-hoo", which is used (very scarcely now) to get someone's attention - along the lines of "Hey!"- in a feminine way, doesn't really make sense with English lyrics.  But you know what else sounds like "yoo-hoo" that makes sense?  "You!"  Just make the "u" at the end two syllables and it sounds exactly the same!
I also changed some of the Konglish lines so it would make more sense!  Enjoy!

The B-Side: Songs I Wish Were Promoted

Sadly in K-Pop, a lot of good songs never get any air time.  Sure some of the bigger groups like Girls' Generation or 2NE1 get enough stage time that you get to hear some of their B-Sides, but it's still pretty rare.  In K-Pop, the repackaged album is promoted with a new song and even includes some more songs that never see the light of the mainstream.  There's no promoting 6 singles off a single album like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift.

Here are some of my favorite B-Sides that I wish got promoted or at least got a music video!  Enjoy!

Dalshabet Girls - Dal Shabet  (Instead of "Be Ambitious")

  • So I know this album is hot off the press as I write this, but I seriously like this song so much more than "Be Ambitious".  To me, the intro is much catchier than "Be Ambitious" and even though it's still a tad slower, I still love it!
잠깐만 (Wait a Moment) - HELLOVENUS  (Instead of "차 마실래?")
  • This would have made a really cute music video, especially the awkward dialogue at the end.  While Lime is a good rapper, "차 마실래" doesn't really have a good rap... >.>  This song is without a rap and it would be nice to see a cutesy girl group try and forego that.  Also, this clicks well with girls who wanted to stab the group for their line "여자라서 말도 못 하고" ("I can't say anything [ask you out] because I'm a girl") since it's about a girl attempting to ask a guy out.

Let's Learn Together: YOO-HOO // 시크릿

Let's Learn Together:  YOO-HOO // 시크릿

Song:  YOO-HOO
Artist:  시크릿 (SECRET)
Album:  Letter From SECRET
Lyrics:  music.naver.com
Photo:  naver.com
Company:  TS Entertainment

English:  7 / 10
Translation Difficulty:  4 / 10

Please credit: "auditionadviceandthoughts@blogspot.com" or "angelsfallfast"
[Edit:  3/9/14]

Just a Few Words:
I heard this all the time when I was in Korea!  I didn't really like SECRET's other songs like "Madonna", "Magic", and "Poison", but this song is really catchy!  The video is adorable and SECRET is really good with the aegyo.  This was also what set off my new-found fiery passion for peppy, aegyo-packed songs.  Hey, it's K-Pop and this is what K-Pop does best.

English Rating:  7 / 10
"I just want to be your love" is a tad awkward, but it's still okay.  But "Do you hear me that I'm falling in love" is missing some punctuation.  There needs to be a question mark after "me", removed the "that" and add in a couple of space or they need to get rid of the "me".
The pronunciation is good, but still with a hint of an accent.

Translation Difficulty:  4 / 10

10 Words:
  1. 끌리다 (adjective):  "be drawn (to)" or "be attracted [fascinated] (by)
  2. 위로 (noun):  "console" or "comfort"
  3. 애인 (noun):  "lover".  Also: "boyfriend"
  4. 조금씩 (adverb):  "gradually" or "little by little" or "bit by bit" or "inch by inch"
  5. 움직이다 (verb):  "move" or "touch".  Also:  "change"
  6. 온통 (adverb):  "all" or "entirely" or "wholly" or "altogether"
  7. 참다 (verb):  "suppress" or "stifle" or "stop [resist] (doing)" or "hold [fight, force] back" or "restain oneself (from doing)"
  8. 놓치다 (verb):  "miss" or "lose"
  9. 알아주다 (verb):  "recognize" or "appreciate" or "acknowledge"
  10. 잠자다 (verb):  "sleep" or "catch some z's" or "go to bed"
Credit:  dic.naver.com

Politeness Level:
The singer(s) are comfortable to the audience.  They are close friends, family, or in a relationship.

June 11, 2013

Review: EXO - XOXO (Kiss&Hug)

This fangirl has already ordered both versions of EXO's new (and first) full-length album, but I found the tracks online to listen ahead.  This a fair warning that I am no music critic.  I do have 7 years of piano, cello, percussion, and flute, and a few voice lessons, under my belt so I do know something about music, but I am certainly no expert.  :)

I have to say that I am absolutely pleased with the album!  After about a year and a half with not a single peep, this is a very satisfying reward.  Since I refused to listen to the leaked version, I do not know how much they polished up these tracks up from the original.  Also, I have no desire to sit through all of EXO's twelve billion pre-debut teasers to match them up.  From what I recall though, the teasers were pretty much mostly instrumentals with a few single lines thrown in here and there.

Regardless, I feel this was a fairly well-done.  The whole album does really give me a school vibe (good call for the school theme for the photo teasers).  I feel the album sounds a lot like something N*SYNC or The Backstreet Boys would have released with, of course, a few exceptions like "Black Pearl", "My Lady", and "Wolf."  Except with a bit more of an electronic influence, "Let Out the Beast" and "3. 6. 5." really sound like 90's Western pop.  hehe.  I really feel like a little kid again...

It became apparent almost immediately that SM is still carrying on with the whole subunit concepts.  With the exception of "Wolf", EXO-M sings in the Hug version and EXO-K sings in the Kiss version.  It makes perfect sense since that would be a lot to memorize.  Then, so what in the world has EXO been doing for the past 18 months that they couldn't spend memorizing 10 songs in 2 languages?

June 3, 2013

SM Town Collaborations and Subunits I'd Like to See

I know I mentioned a few under my blurb about SM Predictions, but here's a place where I can let my imagination run wild with my ideas for SMTown subunits or collaborations.  Please bare with me.


Members:  Kris, Chanyeol, Tao and Xiumin
Possible Names:  EXO-B
Why:  This would be a là U-KISS's subunit, uBEAT, guesting Kevin.  It's rap-oriented but pulls in a member who's a good singer to make it more acceptable in the K-Pop mainstream.  Xiumin would be able to come out from under the shadow of Chen, Baekhyun, Luhan, and D.O. and show off the pipes he's got.  Heck, the boy got contracted by SM for winning second place at one of their contests.  He can sing.

Members:  Chen, Baekhyun
Possible Names:  CheBae (pronounced Chibi, like the cute Japanese cartoon characters)
Why:  This would the EXO version of Super Junior KRY.  Focused on ballads, like Super Junior they would have frequent guest appearances by Luhan and D.O.
I would definitely listen to this group.  Great voices.

Members:  Kris, Tao, Lay, and Luhan
Possible Names:
Why:  Unless they try to stagger the army departures like Super Junior (which I don't feel is working very well...they could have done a Shinhwa and come back even stronger), it's bound to happen.  These four, since they are Chinese and Canadian citizens, do not do mandatory military service.  Unless them gets the acting bug or a lucrative modeling career, they'll have nothing to do for 2 years!