July 25, 2014

SMROOKIE: 마크 [Mark]

마크 [Mark]

Credit: SMROOKIES Facebook

Full Name:  이마크 [Mark Lee]
Birthday:  August 2, 1999
Age:  14
Blood Type: A
Casting:  SM Canadian Global Audition
Specialties: guitar, rap, bilingual in Korean and English
Hometown: New York City, USA / Vancouver, Canada
Other Information:
1 Older Brother
From Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Speaks English, Korean.
Information Credit:  SMROOKIES International; SMROOKIES.com

SMROOKIES.com Greeting:

Hello everyone~!
It has been almost 2 years since I've been training in SM, and I believe that it has been one of the thrillest and important times of my life. The times I've spent in SM have taught me many important lessons in life, and I believe that I will remember each moment throughout my life. I will continue to enjoy and work hard, and fulfill my dream to become a famous star.


Hello everyone~~!
I am an SM Rookie Boy, Mark Lee.
I am here at the SM Rookies Booth and I just really wanted to tell everyone that I am absolutely amazed by the stickers on my picture and the meaningful letters the fans have written to me. I sincerely thank every supporter and I hope you continue to love the SM Rookies.

I hope all of you guys are doing well as well and I hope you guys take good care for the new year.
Wish everyone a great year for 2014 !
Thank you everyone ~~!!!

Hey guys~~
It's me, Mark. 
I had a lucky chance to visit my hometown in Vancouver, Canada and its really great meeting my family, who I haven't seen for awhile.

Holiday Greeting:
Photo Credit:  fanpop.com

안녕하세요 여러분
[Hello everyone.]
My name is Mark Lee an I am an SM Rookie.  I've had the great privilege participating
in the global audition in Canada and to be performing with 
rest of the family here in SMTown.  I will do my best
to become one of SM's famous stars and to make
music people would like to listen to.  I thank all
of the supporters and I hope you continue to anticipate
more to come from SM TOWN.

[T/N:  The far right bits of Mark's message gets cut off so the words in italics are my best guess as to what is there.]
Translation Credit: 김다혜 [The SMART Style]

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