August 24, 2013

Congratulations! So Now You're A Trainee...: A Speculative Look At Your Future

[DISCLAIMER:  Like the title says, this is speculative.  I have made educated guesses based on what I believe are mostly reliable sources.]

For More Information:

If I pass the USA audition, do they pay me to go to Korea?
No.  If SM asks you to Korea for yet another audition, you will be paying out of pocket!

How many audition rounds do I have to go through?
There is no set number of auditions.  Sehun had to go through many auditions over a year or so while some get in on the first try.

What do I do about visas?
Once you are signed as a trainee, SM will take care of the necessary visas.

When do I get signed during the audition??
Unless you're over 18, your parent and/or guardian will be the ones technically signing for you.  After your final audition in Korea, you will be invited back to sign a contract (unless your parent and/or guardian are with you).

I want to audition/sign, but my parents won't let me (or don't know).  [OR:  I have a test that I need to take, can I ask them to delay signing a contract?]
If you can't make it to an audition, SM will just move onto the next talent.
If you make it to the signing stage, SM might let you delay if they have a lot of faith in you, but I wouldn't hold my breath.  Don't audition unless you know you could commit to it right away.

Trainee Life:
What will my life look like?
Monday - Friday
6 am:  Wake-up
6:30 am:  Commute to school
7 am:  School starts (or sometimes 8, depending on your class load)
3 pm:  School gets out
3:30 pm:  Commute from school
4 - 11 pm:  Training!!!
Saturday - Training!!

Sunday:  Day off.

What do I do for money???
SM provides most things for their trainees like food (I believe, like YG, they have a cafeteria), room and board (in the dorms), and daily supplies.  You'll bring a lot of things with you too (like individualized clothing).
But don't worry.  SM provides an allowance of about $20 USD a week if you need any other personalized stuff.

Will I be able to meet SM artist?
Maybe.  SM does hold dinners for the trainees to meet the artists, but you have to be a while into training before you get to attend.  There is no guarantee you'll meet them.

How do I get from my dorm to the SM building?
A combination of walking and subway and/or bus.  Once you get to the building in Apgujeong, you'll have to fight through a throng of fans blocking the one way in.  After that, it's finger print access to get into the building.

What will I do for school?  Does SM pay for it?
SM provides education!  If you speak fluent Korean (or are a Korean citizen), you will attend a local Korean high school.  For fluent English speakers, you will be attending Kent International.

My country has a test that I need/want to take.  Will I be able to take it when I'm a trainee?
No.  You will be transferred to a Korean school to finish your education.  That means Korean tests.  If you are concerned about a test, you should wait to audition until after your test.

Maybe Debuting:
Do I get to pick my stage name?

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