November 7, 2012

For the Future: My Speculations for SM and 2013

Just a note, these are just speculations!  Please take the following with a grain of salt!

According to allkpop, Girls' Generation isn't going to have a comeback in 2012.  This got me thinking, what about the rest of SM?  It's high time EXO made a comeback so fans don't forget about them.

Here are my predictions for 2013 and beyond!

Jan-Jul 2013:
SHINee Korean comeback
     UPDATE:  2 Korean comebacks and 1 Japanese comeback!  "Dream Girl", "Fire" and a yet unnamed song.
Girls' Generation Korean comeback (this one is kind of a given)
     UPDATE:  GG has announced their comeback in January!
EXO comeback
     UPDATE:  They are for sure coming back!!  (Hopefully around May when I'm in Korea!!)  They've been recording and Lay and Chanyeol's new haircuts means a comeback is going to happen in a month or two.

Jul-Dec 2013:
TVXQ comeback
Super Junior comeback
f(x) comeback - practically confirmed by Amber (with clips of their choreography shown) in an interview with Danny Im in LA.
BoA comeback

Now these are kind of duh predictions, easily concocted from past experience and who just needs to make a comeback.
Now on to my musings.

So with SNSD going all f(x) on us, and Amber growing her hair out, maybe f(x)'s comeback will be be in a more SNSD vein...?  Maybe a la "The Boys" or "Girls' Generation"?

My Ideas For the Future

According to rumors, there is/was and "M3" being trained around the same time as EXO (formerly M1 and M2).  Rumor has it that it is/was a ballad-centered group.
Now that Jay and Jungmo are in the army and The Grace nowhere to be seen, SM needs someone (or someones) to fill in the ballad gap.
Unless someone from EXO fills in Jay's gap, S.M. the Ballad won't make a comeback (though it's possible for them to do something without him...)   Also, SHINee's multitude of overseas activities and Kyuhyun's busy schedule, it doesn't make for a probable collaboration.
So does this hold for a M3 debut in the future???  Maybe...I heard from 1st hand accounts that judges during the Global Auditions were really looking at male vocalists.

With Zhang Liyin and Jino sitting in SM's dungeon, it would be nice to see a sub-unit or a collaboration between the two.  I really enjoyed her duet with Xiah for "Timeless" and I think Jino's voice would go well with it.  (Honestly, I'm no music critic...I just like what I like...)
ZhouMi also needs plucked out of the dungeon as do Sunny and Dana.  With that being said, maybe I have it backwards....
Maybe a ZhouMi/Zhang Liyin collaboration for the Chinese market and Sunny & Dana/Jino group for Korea (the boy has already proved he can hold his own on a stage with his charismatic seniors)????

I've been hearing interest in this too, but a Henry/Amber collaboration would be really nice.  Henry's got some good pipes and Amber can actually sing!  Their Christmas diddle made me want more.  They would be great at marketing to an international audience.  Both speak Chinese, Korean, and English fluently.

Speaking of being international, with SM releasing a company-wide vocal group and dance group, maybe it's time for them to release a group aimed at the English-speaking audience.
BoA failed because they marketed her like they would back home (she's BoA...she's awesome!) when the West had no idea who she was.  Also, English isn't her first language.  Much like the Wonder Girls, her English is good, but sometimes it gets hard to understand, especially over the din of screaming fans.
Girls' Generation's problem was the fact that only three members know English well enough to communicate without a translator.  Translators, while common and accepted in Asia, are practically taboo on American television.  It was painfully obvious who spoke English and who didn't and that those who didn't really didn't understand what was going on.
So, SM, maybe a English based group????
My idea would be Henry, Amber, Tiffany, Stephanie, Kris, and Key (and Yoochun, if DBSK was still 5...)
They have all done their time in an English-speaking country.  It's also a good representation of the groups SM has to offer and a good representation of SM's talent.  These members would also have special perks:  Henry's violin playing, Stephanie's ballet skill, Tiffany's awesome charisma, etc.
Hey, it's just an idea.  :)

Also, I have a feeling that there will be a female "counterpart" to EXO in two years or so.

And for something completely different...
Okay, so this will never happen, but it would be really cool if they could bring in English speakers from various groups (and *gasp* companies) to create a sort of "cultural ambassadors" to the West.
My ideal?  Nichkhun (2PM), Amber (f(x)), Henry (Super Junior), Tia (Chocolat), Kevin (U-KISS), Nicole (KARA), and Ailee.
This group would be appealing because it has a good balance of Korean and non-Korean members (Nichkhun, Amber, Henry, and Tia) and they're all fluent in English (being able to speak it without a strong accent, and with tolerable flow) and have all done their time in an English speaking country.  To top it off, they're also a good pool of talent, represent a diverse range of companies, and are all from fairly well-known groups.
[Honorable mentions:  Tiffany (Girls' Generation), Chesika (FIESTAR), Eli (U-KISS), Jessica (Girls' Generation), Melanie (Chocolat), G.NA, Daniel (Dalmation), Brian Joo, Jay Park, Isak, and NS Yoon-G]

So there are my thoughts!
Hope you enjoy my rampant speculation!

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