May 13, 2013

My Thoughts On Auditioning: My Experience

Here are some thing that I realized while auditioning.  While all my advice will stay the same, I've made some person realizations and convictions.  I auditioned at a Weekly Audition at a time where it was mostly just the regular crowd, not full of tourists and K-Pop fans.

  • If you say you're merely "okay" with singing, you really need to take some more lessons before auditioning.  These kids are really good.  (I'll post a clip of me singing for comparison.  I did fairly well compared to all of them.)
  • If you are older than 17 for girls and 19 for boys, you better be pretty, bilingual (Korean and __), talented, and charismatic (I've got about 2.1 of those things down...) for them to seriously consider you.  Most of the kids auditioning are middle schoolers or early high schoolers.  Not to say you can't audition if you're not all that, but you're chances of getting picked seriously drop after that.
    • I'm 20 and I auditioned, but I am not high on their list of future trainees. :/  Doesn't mean I can't try but I definitely should (and have) a back up plan for the future (like school and another career choice).
  • Charisma is everything.  While the people I auditioned with were good, a lot of them were not memorable in the fact there was no stage presence.
    • Also, the judge is extremely bored and extremely tired.  You have to be memorable enough or good enough to get her attention.
  • While you should be serious, don't take it too seriously.  The nerves will just get to you.  Have fun!
  • Be prepared to wait!  We were in a hot stuffy room in everysing's basement for 2 hours before the audition even started (yes, two hours after the start time...).  I'm pretty sure this is part of the SM dungeon and that if we were there any longer we would have run into Zhang Liyin and EXO...

Since I have a lot to write, I'll update this with a full briefing on my experiences.