July 24, 2013

f(x) Comes Back: 첫 사랑니 (Rum Pum Pum Pum) [MV]

Yay!  f(x) is finally back!  Well, not yet, really, but their MV for their title song, "첫 사랑니 (Rum Pum Pum Pum)" [Is this (your) first love? (Rum Pum Pum Pum)] is finally out!

Upon first listen, I really like the song.  It's nice to hear SM finally not use English for the sake of using English (I don't count "Rum pum pum pum" as a word).  Sulli gets the only two English words in the song, "attention boys", and surprising pulls it off flawlessly.  I'm surprised because was garbled in "To the Beautiful You" and non-existent in the Funny Or Die skit with Anna Kendrick.  Mostly, it's nice to hear Amber using Korean to rap instead of the token English rap.

However, the music video (like a majority of SM's MVs of late), is disappointing.   I don't know if they've completely given up on anything not dance-related with f(x) or what, but after "La CHA ta", "Chu", and "NU ABO", f(x) just dances.  But then and again, it's happening to Super Junior too.

Unlike a majority of people, I really don't mind SM's box MVs.  I love the dances SM gives their artists and am always a tad annoyed when the plot line (which is usually weak and/or non-existent - hey at least their honest with their lack of ability with coming up with creative story lines!) gives me only a handful of shots of the dance.
But I digress.  Anyway, the MV was disappointing in the fact that SM is shamelessly copying from f(x)'s previous MVs, "Hot Summer" and "Pinnochio".  While "Electric Shock" was still in a box, at least it didn't really resemble any of their previous MVs (kudos for box creativity?).  However, the red hair and the "bouncing" camera shots of Krystal are straight out of "Hot Summer" and the "flipping" shots and the pointing/poking CG objects are straight out of "Pinnochio".

But I'm just disappointed in the fact Amber looks like a guy.  SM has been growing out Amber's hair and letting her drop hints that their next comeback would include her with a more girlish look.  But no.  They went the most masculine look that she's ever had.  Shortest hair too.  And might I add that this dance is so not meant for her look?  While the moves can't really be classified as "sexy" they are "sexy" enough for it to look mighty awkward for Amber.  Especially that moment when she has to lay on the floor.  Awkward!

So if you haven't seen it yet:

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