October 4, 2012

E-mail Answers

Some of the questions in others' e-mails might be the same questions you have!

Update:  Nov. 10, 2012
I heard that other SM trainees bully you if you aren't Korean, and since I'm not Korean, is that something that I should worry about?
Yes and no.
No, because times are changing and I really believe that you won't be bullied just because you aren't Korean.  They might get carried away with their national pride sometimes, but it don't think it will be too harsh.
Yes, especially if your skin is darker (even if it's as light as EXO's Kai).  In this video, Taemin states that he sees Kai's dark skin as his weakness.  Really?  It's a really assy thing to say, but as you can see Taemin doesn't say it to be mean!  There is also some evidence that Tao and Kris were thought of as "lesser" by fellow trainees and trainers because they were Chinese.
Overall, I don't think it's something you should worry too much about.  Like school, there will always be the possibility of it but it's not something that should stop you from trying your hardest.

-Hara Jun

Update:  Oct. 4, 2012
1)Is there a specific time when you can apply or is it all year round? I asked that question on Yahoo! Answers and they said that anytime not during the brakes is good, because apparantly that is when everyone is like "I'm bored let's audition".
Breaks actually aren't a good time.  While you have free time, so does everyone else.  Winter is a great time because more people are occupied with school.  Also, avoid times during and the month after a Global or Youth Star Audition.  SM will put more energy and attention into those auditions and your audition might be pushed back indefinitely. 

2) I live in the US, so do I send my mail audition to LA or Seoul? I am not fluent in Korean but I do know some basic phrases. Would they evaluate my mail in LA or would they send it to Seoul?
LA.  :)  Their English-speaking staff at their LA office will evaluate your audition there.
Just a note of caution to everyone, always avoid using Korean unless you are fluent.  Either they will look at you poorly because of the state of your grammar and spelling (much like employers look down on text speech in applications) or they will assume you are fluent, especially if you use a Korean-speaker to double-check your writing.  Of the four languages SM deals in (Korean, Chinese, English, and Japanese), pick the language you are the most fluent in and use that! 

3) When auditioning by post/mail, I was thinking of singing the climax of the song I was planning on auditioning with (IU-Mia). Is that okay or must I sing the whole song? The climax really compliments my voice while the other parts really won't "WOW!" the judges, in my opinion. 
It's okay!  I actually encourage singing only the climax of the song.  While on their website they don't  give a data limit for the files, the limit for the everysing.com audition file is only 25 MB.  That's not a lot of room!  It's enough room for either just audio and video or only about 30-60 seconds of video and audio, depending on quality.  Also, that's about the length of time you get for a live audition.  

-Hara Jun


  1. I'm planning to audition in Sep to Dec... I was thinking my audition piece... I will dance sing and rap... can you give me specific time for each part like... 1 min for rap,1 min for a song,and 1 1/2 min for dancing is it okay???

    1. I would cut your time down to about 2 minutes maximum. The longer your clip, the more likely they are to skip through it/ignore it.
      What is your strongest skill and which is your weakest? Unless you can really spit it out, I suggest making the rap section the shortest. Whatever is your strongest skill should get the longest time.
      EXAMPLE: Singing - 1 1/2 minutes (two songs, different styles or genres); dancing - 1 minute (or less if you aren't very good); rap - 30 seconds or less

    2. i can sing,dance and a bit of rap... so it would be just three minutes... is there any time limit???

    3. Like I said, try and keep it under 2 minutes. Any longer than that starts to make judges either skip through your audition or avoid it all together.

      Example: Singing - 1 1/2 minutes (two songs, different styles or genres); dancing - 1 minute (or less); rap - 30 seconds or less.\

      I know it doesn't seem like a lot, but they just want a sampling of what you can do.

  2. When would be a good time to audition next year? My best friend and I have plans in going to Korea, but not sure when. Probably around March-May. Would that be a good time?

    1. March-May would be a great time to audition! Just keep on the lookout for the 2014 Global Auditions. If the Korea leg of the Globals happens during your trip, they will be favoring the Globals over the Weekly. :)
      Good luck!

    2. i've read in here that the best time is nov-dec because people will be busy in school..

    3. Yes, Nov-Dec is a good time if you're auditioning in the States or online/email. However, if you're going to go TO Korea, March-May (into the summer) is better.
      When you go for live auditions in Korea, you need to be prepared in the small case you'll get a call back. If you do you will need to be there for a good chunk of time and it's best to do that in the summer than in the winter. :)

  3. Replies
    1. Yes and no, since Korea is still a pretty conservative country. Hong Seok-cheon is blazing the way for openly gay Koreans, but there is yet to be a proudly gay idol member. I don't have any gay friends in Korea, so I'm not really sure about the general opinion of the masses.
      Statically speaking, some studies claim 1 in 10 people are gay (which would make 1.5 members of Super Junior gay).

      Long story short: if you aren't loud and proud about it upon auditioning, and they accepted you, you probably wouldn't have a problem. However there still might be a chance of discrimination if someone entered the audition and loudly proclaimed "I'm gay!".
      It's kind of sad, but that's just where Korea is right now...

  4. Hello, my name is Kamy, I have some questions about my audition
    1. I do not speak korean, I speak English, Vietnamese and Cantonese will they accept me
    2. I live in Canada do they give me a plane ticket to go there
    3. For my audition do I include to dance and singing
    4. I don't speak korean, how am I suppose to understand them
    5. I look like korean, I'm tall, skinny,
    I have long dark brown hair, I have brown eyes and my skin tone is brown ish and yellow ish. Will they accept me
    6. For my audition, what role am I acting, do they give me an acting role or I bring my own
    7. If I'm done with my audition, what do I do, I don't speak korean or have korean money to buy a house to live in or to buy the plane ticket to move back
    8. Do I give them my head shots of my own or they take a photo of me
    9. Can I audition at 18 or 19
    10. If I pass the audition, do I go to trainee to become an actress
    11. I don't speak korean, will they teach me
    12. If I pass the audition will they give me a dorm to live in
    13. Can you give me a contact of SM Entertainment
    1. Phone numbers
    2. Emails
    3. Address (the street name and number)
    14. Do I included to do a video clip of myself, if I do then, why do I talk about
    15. For my audition do I introduce myself on English, like Hi my name is Kamy Tran, I was born in Canada, I will be acting. Like that or something else
    16. If I'm done my audition do I fly back to Canada or stay in South Korea
    Thank you

  5. I'm auditioning for acting. Do I just act in front of the camera for my audition clip. How does that work
    The judges won't be able to see me acting
    I going to cry and yell and showing emotions a lot, I'm worried because they won't see tears come out and thinking I was faking it. I don't understandes how do you act in front of the camera. Can you give me a female role for me or sent me a link too

    1. Pretend you're live at an audition.

      The best advice I can give you is to audition for a role locally. Does your city have a community theater or does your school have a theater program? Once you audition, take that experience and replicate it in front of the camera.

  6. Hello, my name is Kamy, I'm 13 years old. I'm thinking of auditioning in JYP at the age of 17. I have a few questions.
    1. I heard that if you past the first round, you have to go to LA, to get the second round, when you past the second round you have to go to South Korea to the final round. Is that true? I don't like it at all, because my parents can't afford enough money for me to go to LA than South Korea.
    2. What does Park Jin Young (owner of JYP) looking for.
    3. I'm auditioning to be a korean actress. Do I have to perpare 3 songs and one dance routine.
    4. Does the first round goes like this.
    1 round: I sign up to be a member in JYP website, I apply and sent my audition video clip.
    2 round: if I pass the email audition i have to go to South Korea. And audition again infront of the judges
    3. I audition infront of Park jin young (owner of JYP)
    If I pass all rounds than I become a trainee.
    4. Do JYP pay my plane ticket (if yes than how????)
    5. For 1 2 3 rounds do i repeat the same acting, dance and singing
    6. I will audition when I finish high school. If I become a trainee do I have to go to high school again. Or no
    I really hope you help me, I'm really worried and nervous.

    1. Sorry, I'm only an expert for SM information...

  7. thanks for all your advice,
    I have a doubt, If i´m mexican (luckily, my skin don´t seem to be a problem) how may I send my audition to the company?

    1. Check out "A Useful Guide to SM Entertainment." Select the method that is best for your location.

  8. I have some question.
    Where auditions take place in New York? and When?
    How to register to participate in the audition?
    What should I prepare for the audition?

    1. There are no auditions in New York. Sometimes there are New York auditions during Global and Youth Star auditions, but there are no regular New York auditions.

      Please refer to "A Useful Guide to SM Entertainment Auditions" for information.

      Practice, practice, practice!!!!

  9. Hi I just wanted to ask do you know when they will tell us where the 2014 global audition will take place? like do you know what countries? will they come to Canada?

    1. I don't know! SM hasn't released any information regarding that. I'm assuming we'll hear something in early 2014 as they're concentration on their SNS contest right now.
      Keep checking this blog for updates! :)

  10. Hello^^ I am Vietnamese. I have some questions for you. Can U answer?
    1) I am 13 now, i'll be 14 next year( i means 2014). Actually i decided to audition for SM this year but... Am i too old?
    2) I know that i'll audition for SM but if i can't go Korea or somewhere like LA, Japan or Chinese or...... What can i do now?
    3) If i was accepted i had to go there( Korea) and study in Korea???? Do they pay for my flight and my tuition in Korea?
    4) Are there 3 rounds? If i accepted the 1 round, have i go to Kor for the 2 round?

    1. 1,) I'm 20 and I'm not too old
      2.) You'll have to find a way! To my knowledge, no one has ever been accepted without first attending a live audition.
      3.) Yes. You'll attend Kent International school. I don't believe Kent has tuition, but if it does, it will be covered by SM. Once you are a trainee, they will pay for one flight home a year (though some foreigners pass to avoid homesickness and to try and get ahead of the domestic trainees).
      4.) No. You'll go through a minimum of two auditions (your first live one, and then a smaller "private" one) before you're signed. However, you can have as many "callbacks" as SM deems you need.
      Eventually, you'll probably go to Korea for a live audition.

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  12. Hi my name is Jacy Do, and I'm 1/8 Korean 1/8th French and 3/4 Vietnamese.
    People say I look Korean (bc of my light skin and eyes) and I can speak a couple of phrases in Korean correctly, but not the whole language fluently. I can only speak English and Vietnamese fluently. I want to audition in the 2014 Global Audion (if there is one?) but I'm not sure what to expect. Like do I have to sing Korean or is English okay? And how are live auditions like? Btw I just turned 15 (in September), so I'll still be 15 by the audition. And for my age I'm really short... Like 4ft11 short... Will that matter? I'm definitely not confident in my dancing abilities, but I think I sing really well when its in my range. I just can't reach particular high notes... Thankyou for listening (:

    1. Yep! SM will have a 2014 Global Audition! So far there's little information, but the flags on the promotional poster indicate they'll be held in Korea, the US, Canada, China, Japan, and Thailand.

      No, you do not have to. However, since you aren't fluent in Korean, it would be a bonus if you could sing in Korean while sounding fluent.

      Live auditions are............long. Bring lots of water and something small to snack on like trail mix or jerky. Also, bring a hand mirror. Regular auditions are already grueling, but Globals, even more so. You may need to check to make sure you're hair hasn't been tangled because of weather or sweat.

      No....height, probably not. So far, SM's shortest artist is BoA, at 5'3". Sunny is shorter, but she's also Lee Soo Man's niece, and therefore an exception. Don't worry if you're still growing. (Also, don't worry, since you're not going for modeling!) :)

      Just make sure you sing something in your vocal range and avoid high notes since you can't reach them. :) Good luck!