April 28, 2013

brainStorMing: Girls' Generation's Image Transformation

photo cr: Mezor
Girls’ Generation marked their first image transformation with the release of their 2013 hit single, “I Got A Boy”. Previously known to sport matching outfits and refrain from utilizing rap in their songs, Girls’ Generation offered individuality and sleek hip-hop style elements to incorporate rap and strong choreography with “I Got A Boy”. This was also the first time Girls’ Generation performed with sneakers since their debut
Initially, the transformation actually began with “The Boys” even though there were small changes rather than an overall modification. This was also the first time they integrated the use of rap in their music. Although they made a sleek transformation and shifted to a more mature concept, the image style remained the same with their fresh beauty and similar (if not matching) wardrobe.

The large-scale alternation with “I Got A Boy” led to many fans and non-fans to question the marketing logic behind S.M. Entertainment’s closed doors. Many speculate for SM to switch concepts between Girls’ Generation and f(x) especially with the news of f(x)’s Amber, who is famous for her boyish charms, growing out her hair. However, I believe that Girls’ Generation’s style change is a concept preparation for S.M. Entertainment’s future girl group, or as I like to call them, female EXO.  

S.M. Entertainment is eminent in the music industry for establishing male and female versions of the same concept. Previous artists include Super Junior and Girls’ Generation, SHINee and f(x), and now EXO and female EXO. With EXO being large in number, it seems to me that female EXO is also going to be large in number  and strikingly similar to Girls’ Generation especially because S.M. Entertainment launches its idol groups into the industry as fresh- faced beauties, similar to their debut days. The comparison isn’t as applicable with f(x) because although they too had a fresh image, they were smaller in number and had a vibrant and livelier image.

photo cr: as watermarked 
If SM intended on continuing Girls’ Generation’s concept and plans on marketing female EXO similarly to them, there wouldn’t be any significant difference in image and style between Girls’ Generation and female EXO. Not to mention the fans, who would think of this as an outrageous idea and most likely become anti’s of female EXO. This is why, in my opinion, the style shift with a “I Got A Boy” was an essential necessity. 

If you have your own speculations as to why S.M. Entertianment transformed Girls' Generation, comment below and let us know!


  1. i have never thought of it~
    it's interesting~ ^0^

    but who are those "female EXO"?? :O

    1. "female EXO" is the hypothetical but probable sister group for EXO. SNSD, while still popular, is like 5ish years old, so in idol years, old. SM is probably on verge of releasing a new generation of "SNSD" just like they released a "new" Super Junior in EXO.