May 15, 2013

EXO Comeback!!!!! - [UPDATE] Photos!

As you probably know now, I'm a huge EXO fan.

I was hoping they would make a comeback and they are!!!!!!!

Credit:  allkpop / SM Entertainment

Here's hoping the album is released before I leave Korea so I can get my hands on it!!!!
Yay!!!  Dream come true :D

Their teasers start coming out on the 17th!!!

[UPDATE]  It's going to be a full length album (*dies with happiness*) that is called "XOXO (Kiss&Hug)"
To me it sounds like it should be the title to a Girls' Generation song.  It will be interesting to see if they break from the cool dark image they established with their debut.  Maybe a turnaround like B1A4 did with "Learning to Walk" versus the bubbly image they had/have with "Baby Goodnight" and "What's Going On?" only in the opposite direction???
But I'm excited none the less. :D

[UPDATE]  The release date is June 3rd!  Sadly, I will no longer be in Korea... T-T

Credit:  allkpop / SM Entertainment

Kris is my favorite so I just had to post this!!

Here's the rest of their photos!

I do find it extremely interesting that Kai's solo photo includes an American flag.

Credit:  SM Entertainment -


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