April 19, 2013

Hallyu in the US: A Critical Hit?

photo cr: Popdust

Despite Psy’s incredible success with Gangnam Style and the countless K-Pop concerts held in California and New York every year, I believe it’s safe to say that the Hallyu Wave hasn’t completely taken affect in the United States as a whole. It seems as if most K-Pop revenue in the U.S. generates from cities with a higher Korean or Asian population, in contrast to Florida (the state I live in) where it is still on the rise.

Some Korean Pop artists or bands may have a great potential of breaking through the U.S. market, if not all, especially solo acts such as Ailee, G-Dragon, and Hyorin. However, this is not to say that because Psy made it big and is a solo artist that they have a secured spot of high ranking on the US Billboard charts. Modern day music industries in America generally look for musically talented individuals with a solid staying power, in contrast to Korea’s roster of idols where they are carefully selected in order to form a multi-talented group to attract international fans and the media outside of the K-Pop world as well.

Although its catchy lyrics and unforgettable choreography has already conquered most of Earth, K-Pop will definitely continue to grow. With the help of Gangnam Style the path has opened several opportunities for Korea’s best performers. Nevertheless it will certainly take time for the Hallyu Wave to finally hit the States, for good. Patience is key. 

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