January 1, 2013

Girls' Generation Releases "I Got A Boy"

Happy New Year y'all!

Today is the day Girls' Generation releases their 4th album, "I Got A Boy"!
Regardless of whether the music grows on me, I'm buying the album, much like I did with "Sexy, Free & Single".

I'm no "music expert" but here are my thoughts on their new album!

Upon hearing the title track I was confused...artists string a few songs together for a music video (like how Taetiseo used bits of "OMG" and "Hello, Goodbye" for their "Twinkle" MV) and that's what it sounded like.  Was I listening to two or three songs or just one?  I enjoy the middle part the most, but the track as a whole is a little too eclectic for me...but it is growing on me!  ^^
말해봐 (Say the Words) might sound familiar to some people as it is the official Korean version of "BOOMERANG" off their "Girls' Generation II~ Girls & Peace".  Fans also might recognize it from a leaked track in Korean by GG, "Boomerang".

Overall, I kind of liked the concepts, though it really looks like a female version of "Mr. Simple".  Finally GG has a leading man in their video!  I really like the dance as it lets people like Hyeohyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, and even YoonA shine a little.  (However, I really want to burn Sunny's hair...she needs to return it to B.A.P's Zelo or G-Dragon!)

I guess I was expecting something a lot different from Girls' Generation, seeing as how SM touted this as a "new sound" for GG.  But once again, I guess it was only for the single (okay, so "Look At Me" is a bit funky, but it's still in the same vein as a peppy "Gee" or "Oh!" - same with "XYZ").  The girls fall back to their ballads and slower music.

But on a different (better?) note, this might indicate they are moving in the same direction as Super Junior and this could indicate that SM will release a new girl group in 2014 or 2015.
[Super Junior went from a generic, iconic hit "Sorry Sorry" (GG's "Oh!" and "Gee") to a darker, more mature "Bonamana" (like "Run Devil Run") to a funky "Mr. Simple".]  Seeing as GG just needs another single that solidifies them as a more mature group, that points to an opportunity for SM to release a girl group who can fill the youthful, spunky side that Girls' Generation will lose as they grow up, much like Super Junior is passing the torch of the young, sexy group to EXO.
(With that being said, ladies if you're in the 14-19 category and are mildly good or better at Korean, now would be an excellent time to audition!)

What do you think?

Now that I've gotten to listen to the title song a lot, here's my thoughts:

At first listen, it does sound kind of like a hot mess, but now that I've listened to it about a hundred times, I'm really liking it!
Yuri and Sooyoung's rap is a bit awkward with the overall song and should have been a separate "INTRO" that they (always) performed.
Much like SHINee's "Sherlock (Clue + Note)", "I Got A Boy" blends two seemingly different elements together to make a coherent song (though much more obvious than SHINee).
I really liked the various parts of the funkier "hip-hop" inspired part.  I do think SM could have cut out a bit of the instrumentation before the slower part and cut out "Don't stop."  "Let's bring it back to 140" would have been sufficient:  I feel those other two parts dragged the song down too much.

I keep hearing gripes about mixing aegyo with "street" elements, but I think that it's brilliant!  It's just another way K-Pop is a bit unique from other styles of music.  It's not like SNSD is trying to do hip-hop music:  they're just borrowing their clothes.  (The song is very K-Popy - talking about jealousy, love, and BOYS)

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