March 5, 2014

Korean SM Weekly Auditions Change Location

Once again, SM has changed the location of their Weekly Auditions in Korea on us!  They are now located at the COEX Artium.

Yesterday they updated their Facebook page with this message:
[Please credit SM The SMART STYLE, Rachel Devlin, or angelsunfoldedwings if you use the translation]
- 토요공개 오디션 장소 변경 안내 
[S.M. Entertainment Weekly Audition]
- Information about the change in location for the Saturday Open Auditions.
2014년 3월 8일부터 토요 공개 오디션의 장소가 기존 에브리싱 압구정점 지하 1층에서 'SMTOWN@COEX ARTIUM'으로 변경됩니다.
오디션 참가자 분들은 착오 없으시길 바랍니다~!
Hello, I am in charge of the SM Entertainment Audition.
The Saturday Open Audition previously held in the basement of everysing in Apgujeong will now be changed to the SMTOWN@COEX ARTIUM" starting March 8th, 2014.
I hope there will be no confusion for audition participants~!
[lit. All audition participants, please do not make the error (of trying to audition at everysing)]

According to the map provided, the address is 511 COEX ARTIUM, 5th floor, Yeongdong daero, Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea
(서을시 강남구 영동대로 511 COEX ARTIUM 5층)

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